Lost video from the scene of the sinking of the SS Eastland in 1915

Rare video footage Dating back to 1915, discovered in the archive of the EYE Film Instituut Nederland, again go light on the tragic loss of the passenger ship SS Eastland.

Accidentally fell into the hands of Jeff Nichols (Jeff Nichols), candidate of doctor of philosophy at the University of Illinois at Chicago who was looking through the old Dutch newsreels in search of materials about the First world war.

The tragic incident with the passenger ship SS Eastland occurred July 24, 1915 on the Chicago river. On Board the ship, preparing for departure, but still standing on the catch was 2,500 passengers and crew. An unexpected fire in the hold at first led to a strong fire, and then roll and flooding. As a result of incident was lost 844 lives – the case was called the most tragic in the history of the Great lakes.

The first of the demonstrated commercials captured the work of emergency crews.

The second video shows the operation to raise the vessel a week after the tragedy.

The statement, delivered by the Eastland Disaster Historical Society (ECHD) is a historical society whose goal is the investigation of the circumstances and consequences of sinking of SS Eastland, reads: “since the Society was formed 17 years ago, we always felt that video footage existed, but never could locate them. These two short video – the first video footage of the tragedy of the ship “Eilat”, which saw the ECHD and the public”.

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