The yacht is a pity. Barrel too

August 22, 2019

      The yacht is a pity. Barrel too
      You probably remember the story of how at the end of September last year, a severe storm damaged the yacht of the Golden Globe Race member Gregor McGuckin, and the Irishman had to be evacuated.

The yacht is a pity. Barrel too

So, for a good 11 months, his yacht – Biscay 36 Hanley Energy Endurance – traveled independently across the Indian Ocean, sending signals to a satellite tracker. She was 1200 miles west of Australia, then turned northwest, went even west …

And now the signal is gone. Either the solar panels were completely out of order, or the yacht sank. In any case, its current whereabouts cannot be determined.

The yacht, of course, is a pity. But it’s a pity that the barrel of whiskey that McGuckin installed on deck before the start of the GGR. Where is she now?

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