4 days 20 hours 23 minutes

January 21, 2019

      4 days 20 hours 23 minutes
      It took the crew of the 40-meter maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 with skipper Jan Guichard to reach the equator!

4 days 20 hours 23 minutes

The IDEC-SPORT trimaran (skipper Francis Juillon), who now owns the Jules Verne Trophy and, accordingly, the world record of nonstop racing around the world, the result was worse in the same segment – 5 days 19 hours 11 minutes.

That is, Spindrift 2 went to the equator at 22 hours and 47 minutes faster! At average speed, we note 26 knots.

Now Spindrift 2 crosses the equatorial calm strip. Fortunately, this time it is not so wide and, moreover, allows you to go at a relatively decent speed. The average for the last day – 22.8 knots.

The next leg of the journey – to the Cape of Good Hope – IDEC-SPORT passed in 12 days, 21 hours and 22 minutes. It will be interesting to compare with what Spindrift 2 will show at this distance.

The site of the record attempt to trimaran Spindrift 2 –

The trimaran icon highlighted on the tracker in beige is the current position of Spindrift 2. The IDEC-SPORT position at the same time of the race is highlighted in red.

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