10 sailing super yacht with a memorable spin

We present a selection of the ten most beautiful sailing super yacht with a memorable sail.

Mari-Cha III (2001)

The demon on the outside and demon on the inside. How many times sailing yacht Mari-Cha III became the main contender for the titles in the world’s most prestigious regattas. This is to 44.7 metre ketch, which, as they say, is capable of preserving up to accelerate to 17 knots when a wind of 14 knots. The yacht was built in 1997 at the shipyard Sensation Yachts. By its developer was made by the now world famous designer Philippe Briand. Most recently, Mari-Cha III has received new sails from Doyle Stratis ICE company, including a Spinnaker with a dragon.

Aglaia (1992)

Asymmetric Spinnaker for the super yacht Aglaia was designed by none other than Magne Furuholmen, the former keyboard player of the band A-ha, and now quite popular in Norway by the artist. The owners of the yacht Aglaia is placed on Board several of his works, and then decided that Furuholmen should be on the sails. A 26-metre sloop Aglaia was built in 1992 by Ron Holland Design project.

Christopher (2011)

Biggest mystery – how and when the owner of the ketch Christopher had the idea to rig a Spinnaker with the image of the chili peppers, but agree that it looks beautiful and challenging. A 46-metre vessel was built in 2011 at the Pendennis shipyard on the project Ron Holland Design.

Comanche (2014)

Comanche is one of the most famous sport of sailing in recent years. About it began to speak long before the launching in October 2014. Still, after the cost of building 30,45-meter sloop was $100 thousand the Hull is decorated with Indian combat paint, and the Spinnaker emblazoned fierce face of the Indian. Whether its intimidating appearance, or the skill of the developers and shipbuilders (Hodgdon Yachts), or only the professionalism of the crew led by skipper Ken reed, or all together, but Comanche, built by Jim Clark “for the record”, do their effort.

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Firefly (2011)

Spinnaker 35.2-foot sloop Firefly is one of the most beautiful. It depicts a fairy (maybe it had something to do with the yacht’s name, which translates as “Firefly”), and the background is completely orange color, popular in the country, where the owner, the team and the yacht itself – the Netherlands. The vessel was built in 2011 in the shipyard Claasen Shipyards. The author of the project was made by Hoek Design Naval Architects.

Ganesha (2013)

Another memorable Spinnaker has a 46-meter sloop Ganesha, built at Vitters shipyard in 2013. The yacht is named after a Hindu God, and his image is present on the sail.

Hanuman (2009)

This is not a trend, just a coincidence: as on the sloop Ganesha, on a yacht J-class Hanuman set the Spinnaker with the image of a Hindu God. Hanuman is a replica of the ship Endeavour II built in 1937 for the America’s Cup. 42,9-meter yacht was launched in 2009 by Royal Huisman shipyard and joined the Navy J-class number JK6.

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Inoui (2013)

Spinnaker super-yacht Inoui has no picture, but it twice, like the catchy slogan, embossed: Inoui Inoui. French yacht name translates as “extraordinary”. The 33.4 metre sloop Inoui was built at the shipyard Vitters shipyard in 2013. Architect and designer of the project was initiated by Philippe Briand.

Marie (2010)

Sometimes, instead of words and drawings you can display a monogram, and it will look not worse. So did the owner of the 55-meter ketch Marie, built in 2010 by Vitters shipyard Andre Hoek project Design.

Seahawk (2013)

Perhaps this Spinnaker will recognize many who have been on the Mediterranean regattas the last two years. This is a 60-metre ketch Seahawk from Italian shipyard Perini Navi, designed in collaboration with Ron Holland Design. “The sea hawk” – so it is translated.

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