World Sailing decisions not yet made

The world sailing Federation found it necessary somewhat to cool the ardor of the leaders of the International Association of class “Laser” (ILСA).

This is due to their decision to change the name of the new certified ships of this class, and the class itself – at ILCA Dinghy.

The reasons for the war that erupted between the ILCA and the largest producer of yachts in this class – a company Laser Performance (Europe) Limited, we have been told time and time again. So now recall the main thing: that Laser Performance owns the commercial rights to the brand under the name “Laser” in the world (with the exception of four countries – Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea).

Here to deny their bitter rivals this trump card international Association, cease any cooperation with Laser Performance, and renamed the class of vessels on the ILCA Dinghy. However, World Sailing, as it turns out, this decision is not yet endorsed and not the fact that in the end approves.

In a statement issued by the world sailing Federation, emphasized that it is in contact with both sides of the conflict, is carefully monitoring the situation but neither one side of the support (at least yet) is not going to.

Accordingly, it is not supported at the moment and the decision of the International Association to change the name of the ILCA class Dinghy. Especially that no official documents about this Association in World Sailing is still not sent.

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