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In Cannes ended with a regatta 1st grade class “Dragon” – Dragon Grand Prix de Cannes, which is the first stage of the new European series.

Alas, the Russian “draconites”, the success of which we all have long been accustomed, failed to demonstrate in Cannes its true – the winning class. Perhaps not the most favorable weather to blame – only because it was the same for everyone. Therefore put forward a different version: the Russians, as you know, long harness, and the regatta in Cannes is now not in itself, but one of the stages of the European series. Here comes the crucial time starts then…

And yet, after five is not easily held in Cannes races, the victory was celebrated by the Portuguese team Mercury (its what you see in the picture) Pedro Rebelo de Andrade, who scored 14 points. Two other places on the podium was occupied by German Sinewave, headed by Thomas müller (17) and British Racing Louise Gordon Grant (18).

Our this time in unusual positions. The best among them – Rocknrolla Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk and Aleksey Bushuev on 6th place with 27 points. Annapurna Anatoly Loginov, Vadim Statsenko and alekandra Shalagina – the 10. Note that the line above is the Bunker Prince Eugene Braslovce, Sergey Pugachev and Sergey Timokhin. In fact, this crew has traditionally been under the Italian flag, but whether accidentally at the official website of the International Association of “Dragon” class, this time he changed the room to RUS77?

Here is how made other:

21. Zenith (Igor Goikhberg) – 78. …24. To be continued (Basil Senators) – 85. …29. Sunflower (Victor Fogelson) – 98. …45. Integrity (Mikhail Senatorov) – 158.

Yes, and let’s not forget Avelat under the flag of Latvia, where the skipper was Anna Basalkina. This team took 36th place (124 points).

In conclusion, we recall that the structure of the European regattas 1st grade this year has changed. For Cannes followed:

1 – 4 may. Cascais (Portugal). H. M. King Juan Carlos Trophy;

3 – 6 July. Kuhlungsborn (Germany). Dragon Grand Prix Germany;

11 – 14 November. Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Dragon Grand Prix Of Spain.

Then immediately after that, 15 – 16 November, on the same Mallorca will be the final tournament of the European series in the Dragon class, which will bring together the 20 best teams after four regattas held on the 1st grade.

There’s something so victory will surely be ours. Who doubts?

Full results of the regatta in Cannes


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