Vanquish plans to “conquer the world”

Ten months later after the Dutch founder of Vanquish Yachts That Stings (Tom Steentjes) sold its stake TransEquity Network (Dutch equity Fund), the Creator of fast and luxurious boats began intensively to expand its range and increase production volumes.

“This transaction allowed us to be more ambitious in relation to
the growth of the company. We have extensive knowledge and experience in construction
aluminum boats. Now on the day
on Ibiza are often chartered the Vanquish cruisers,” commented IBI News Stingies.

Next summer the yard will open a second Doc in the Netherlands, after which in the year it is planned to release up to 20-25 aluminum
boats longer than 13.7 m and about 20 smaller vessels.

It will double the annual capacity of the company.

The company hired the former head of product marketing Hanse Yachts till Petersite (Tijl Hetterschijt) to help the brand become more recognizable in the marinas of the world.

“Vanquish is growing rapidly. We do a lot of work to get us noticed. Our boats are attractive and distinctive. This is our main marketing advantage,” says Hetterich.

The Vanquish also believe that the foundations for the future success of the shipyard — the wow factor, customer focus and rapid delivery of boats to customers.

“Motor yacht from Holland usually built a year or two. Vanquish in between
the signing of the contract and delivery takes a lot less time,”
said Hattersheim.

Stings focused on the American market, Hattersheim — Europe, Australia and Asia. In 2019, the company will be represented at the yacht show in Miami (USA; 14-18 February), palm beach (FL, USA; 28-31 March), Cannes (France; 10-15 September) and Monaco (25-28 September).

Since its inception in 2013, the Vanquish was built 38 high quality motor vessels ranging in size from 4.8 to 16.5 metres. The task of Petersite — to optimize production to increase sales. According to him, several new models in the near future will be launched.

Still the Vanquish is built from aluminium, but next year the water will be released the 11.6-metre composite model.

It’s designed to be “more affordable starter model, which will help the brand to expand its geographic presence and to be not only in the Mediterranean and other well-known locations, but also globally.”

“Setting prices for aluminum boat, built on an individual project, is the problem. To be competitive in terms of prices in the segment of vessels less than 13.7 m, we need to build composite boats. So we can build more ships and increase our brand awareness,” added Hattersheim.

But the main novelty will be still another boat and 17.7-meter.

“It will be available in several versions: with an open pilothouse with an enclosed with roof T-Top with an open cockpit. We have already sold five of these boats, though the presentation of the model in the last year”, — said Hattersheim.

The plans of the shipyard are very ambitious: to build a 29.9-metre vessel.

“We are negotiating with potential customers, but the creation of these boats — is that a long-term perspective”, — said Hattersheim.

Now the Vanquish line begins with a 4.9-foot speed water scooters-tender. In 2019 will also be presented a 3.4-meter, which can stand in the garage side by side with the tender Williams 325.

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