The world Cup Zhigulevskaya sea

In the heart of the European part of Russia, in city Tolyatti – 20 – February 24 the stage of the world Cup in Snowkiting – SNOW KITE WORLD CUP IKA 2019.

A huge area, well-developed infrastructure, a worthy organization, all the disciplines of winter sailing, dozens of professional athletes and hundreds of kiters lovers – this is what awaits guests of this event!

The highlight of the competition in Togliatti can be considered as a combination of professional and Amateur races, as well as the legendary Marathon “Zhigulevskoye sea” which is held by the radar system, allowing the athlete of any level to try their hand in the struggle with distance, wind and other. The distance is 45 km for the course. In the framework of the world Cup for the title of best fight the most famous athletes from Russia and other countries. Master skiing and snowboarding will compete in the disciplines “Course-flight”, “freestyle”, “Marathon” and “Slalom”. Separate division will be allocated a Tube kite (Standard).
Among the already registered participants there are such stars of modern sailing Dmitry Nikulichev, Nikita Sokolov, Maria M., Paul Kalabin.
Immediately after the professional races will start Amateur racing, “Zhigulevskoye sea-019”. Kiteboarders have a marathon in school “Skiing” and “Snowboarding”, as well as a massive fan of the race. In parallel with the world Cup will be organised race on a special race. Speaking of last, year kids race to collect more and more participants. In 2019 the younger generation EN masse will present Togliatti, Novosibirsk, Russia, Kolomna, Yaroslavl and other regions of Russia! Possibly in the near future these children will represent our country at the Olympic games! After 2024 kite surfing included in the Olympic programme!
Completed a series of races on February 24. On this day in parallel with the sporting battles on the shore will host a festival for the fans. All along the waterfront will work dozens of interactive educational and entertainment venues for the whole family, and the scene will compete for hundreds of prizes and gifts. According to the organizers, family festival on the banks harmoniously complement the sports part of the world Cup.
– We are not the first practice this approach: on the waters competing kiters, and on the shore at the same time a festival for the fans. It is very popular among the residents – every year, it receives not less than five thousand people, plus several hundred foreign guests. In our opinion, this neighborhood is great stirs interest in winter sailing, – said the head of the project SNOWKITERUSSIA and Chairman of the organizing Committee Eugenia Kotlyarova.

Parallel to organize three events (the world Cup in Snowkiting, Amateur races “Zhigulevskoye sea-019” and the eponymous festival of active leisure) this year to actively help partners: Ministry of sport of the Samara region all-Russian sailing Federation, PJSC “KuibyshevAzot”, JSC “AVTOVAZ” and the company SKY COOL. It is through these organizations, hundreds of athletes will feel the force of the wind, will compete in the ability to tame and get a lot of emotions from communication with like-minded people!

Before the start of the last few weeks, and the organizers are ready to welcome guests. Registration of participants is open now on the website
Hurry up to be among the lords of the wind!

– SK “Wind Power”

+7 927 261 38 98 – Eugenia Kotlyarova, head of the project



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