Travel around the world to “pixel boat” the Briton crossed the equator

Briton Alex Elley (Alex Alley), at the end of December went to a single circumnavigation in a 12.2 meter boat, on 31 December continued their journey, after being forced to stop for repairs early in the morning on 19 January, crossed the equator.

Boat Briton Pixel Flyer called “pixel” for Elley to raise money for the trip, since 2005, sold “pixels” squares 5 cm on the hull of his boat and place on the website that sponsors filled out their logos or personal photos. Elley wants to break the record speed around the world non-stop sailing for boats up to 12.2 meters. The last record (137 days, 20 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds) was installed in 2013, Chinese sailor Guo Chuan (Guo Chuan).

“So far he’s ahead of schedule. He’s looking at almost full moon, the sea is calm, it is accompanied by flying fish. He salutes the king Neptune in gratitude for what he allowed him to go to the southern hemisphere,” wrote coast assistants Elley, with whom he maintains contact.

Find out how the British successfully moving towards its goal, is not so simple. The start and finish line Guo Chuan was in China, while Elley guided by the line in the English channel, held between the créac’h lighthouse on the French island of Wesson and the Lizard lighthouse in the English Cornwall. Not counting the actual voyage in the southern ocean and the total length of 27,000 nautical miles, the rest of the routes boaters, to put it mildly, different. And still the British tried to do some calculations.

“The record of Guo Chuan — 3308 hours. This gives an average speed of 8.16 node. Considering that the southern ocean is 50% of the way and speed there above, it can be assumed that the average speed there — 9.16 node, and the rest of the route — 7.16 site. By 14:30 on 15 January I went 2939 nautical miles for 360 hours. My average speed was just 8.16 node,” says Elley.

It turns out that theoretically, the Chuang at the same time, with an average speed of 7.16 site had to pass 2577 miles on 362 miles less than Elley. Then yet the British have the advantage in a day and a half. To find out certainly how things are actually, apparently, will be possible only after Elley will complete your journey.

The only concern is now teams — last week’s failure of the autopilot. The British established in its place a spare, and now the boat’s all right, but now, when Elley will go to the southern ocean, in his case, the new breakdown will not be replaced.

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