“The main task is to win the World Cup!”

February 12, 2019

      "The main task is to win the World Cup!"
      The team of Igor Rytov, Russian Bogatyrs, began the new season with a victory in Maya at the second stage of the Winter Series in the class of yachts Melges 20. In fact, she managed a “double” – because she won the first stage of the series in December 2018.

"The main task is to win the World Cup!"

We took a short blitz interview with the head of the Russian Bogatyrs Igor Rytov:

Yacht Russia: – How strong was the competition this time?

Igor Rytov: – The competition was very strong, the first ten of the world gathered, everyone is charged for a good result, all have good professional crews. Easy victory was not foreseen.

YR: – When was victory easier – in December or now?

I. R.: “It is never easy, the wind was weaker in December, so more tactical races were and therefore more nervous, but the current stage turned out to be physically more expensive, we had to hang a lot on long trenches.

YR: – What weather is perfect for your crew?

IR: “For us, the ideal weather is strong and stable, without strong shifters the wind, which was exactly what happened on this regatta on Saturday and Sunday: there was 16-20 knots.

YR: – What is your main task for this season?

I.R .: – The main task for the season is, of course, to win the world championship. I believe that we are now in good shape and can do it.

YR: – What do you think about the introduction of offshore racing at the Olympics in 2024?

IR: – Offshore races on the OI-2024, I think, will give the opportunity to try their hand at more age yachtsmen with good practice on keelboats.

YR: – Thank you! Good luck in the races of the season!

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