Interview with WS President Mr. Kim andersen

Yesterday Interview with WS President Mr. Kim andersen Publisher of Yacht Russia Vasily Senatorov made an exclusive interview with president of World Sailing Mr. Kim Andersen, asking questions that concern the entire sailing community. Dear Mr. Andersen, It seems that the world of sailing was caught by an ideal storm. First ever OG were postponed for a year that has a huge impact on athletes and event organizers, on the financial aspects of the major sports federations, on the sports Read more

Kim Andersen remains optimistic

Today       Kim Andersen remains optimistic       World Sailing President Kim Andersen, in an interview for the site of the Norwegian yacht magazine Seil, confirmed that the International Sailing Federation is in a serious financial crisis, and spoke about the measures to be taken. Recall that was the reason for the speech of Andersen. A few days ago, an interview with the same magazine was given by Scott Perry (Uruguay), vice president of World Sailing, who said that in the near future Read more