Superyacht Halo

Launched in August of this year, a luxurious 57-foot yacht Halo was delivered to its owner. The good work the Dutch company Feadship known for developing unique projects of superyachts.

The owner took Halo in Charter one of the yachts of this company –
Helix (later renamed Megan) and was so fascinated yacht that Feadship has ordered the drafting of a new yacht to fit their requests. Helix was awarded the World
Superyacht Awards in 2012 as best model among motor yachts
with a displacement of 500 m. Therefore, it is not surprising that this vessel was
chosen as a role model in the development of new models.

“We were happy to realize such a project, the source
inspiration for which was the journey of a customer on Board, we have developed Helix” – shared
my impressions of the work on the project during the ceremony of descent to
the superyacht Halo Director of the company Feadship dick van lent.

As the Foundation for a new yacht Halo was Helix,
it is possible to detect many similarities between these two models. In the first place is
noticeable in the design. In particular, the rectangular portholes in the hull – one of the
such features.

But worked on the design of Halo, the company Eidsgaard Design according to customer’s request
made significant changes towards a more radical design
the exterior, which was reflected in the huge silver arches, crossing
the add-in.

It tells the designer of Halo – Eidsgard Peter (Peder Eidsgaard), it is possible to create an interesting visual illusion.
So, if you look at an angle on the front of the yacht, it seems,
if silver arch scatter in different directions and then converge at the bottom already
at the stern of the vessel.

When the yacht is on the move, it marked a completely different visual
effect, because actually the top of the arch facing up instead of down. This
original nuance of the design gives the yacht Esterer Halo special uniqueness.

Developed by Feadship, the yacht Halo was designed with the possibility of
the implementation of long-term cruises. At a cruising speed of 15 knots she
can travel up to 5 thousand nautical miles.

This superyacht also features an excellent outdoor space for relaxing. On Board is a huge Playground for sunbathing, which in length is approximately 5 m, which is a luxury even for the impressive size of Halo. Here is
painted in silver colors, like the color of the superyacht, Jacuzzi,
which can be protected from the sun by awning carbon
fibers with electronic control.

Halo on the yacht also features a helipad, two
spacious garage to accommodate tenders and a beach club with place for
8-meter tenders, and also for divers
provides storage space for diving equipment, with the possibility of accommodation
up to 28 cylinders.

Halo is the first project of superyachts, designed by the famous
design Studio Bernardi Peschard.
The interiors of this luxury yacht is designed in modern style using
light oak and bronze inlays. Guest cabins and the owner’s apartment
the vessel is located on the main deck, lovely views, not
worse than the VIP boxes on the bridge.

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