Grandma doesn’t give up!

How’s 76-year-old British woman Jeanne Socrates, the aim of which is to become the oldest sailor in the world to circumnavigate solo and non-stop? It’s time to talk about it – there is a reason!

But first we recall a head start on her 11.5-metre yacht Nereida (2009 release) Mrs. Socrates took on 3 October last year in Victoria in the extreme West of Canada, where she lives. Passed along North and South America, December 19, rounded Cape horn, then headed on East, so now behind two famous Cape of Good Hope and Luwin. Now the woman Jeanne, once we very familiarly call her, has cast anchor in the Bay Timaru South island of New Zealand. Out where got.

In the Bay Timaru Mrs Socrates decided to make a stop in order to lead “will Nereide” in order and breathe a little. Rules single non-stop krugosvetki is not forbidden – in that case, if you don’t go to the Bank and do not receive assistance.

Such assistance and will not be, although it would not hurt. Because on may 15, when the wind was 45 knots and waves of 8 meters, the “Nereyda” turned upside down. Socrates miraculously remained alive and well, and here the boat was turned. The water flooded the cabin and made there the troubles. Solar panels are washed into the ocean. Failed wind turbines. And other, and other.

But the brave grandmother (she grandmother) didn’t give up and lose heart. Her and used to stalk breakage, and yet Socrates every time out of the situation. Claims that will be released at this time.

Repeat what already wrote. Once Jeanne Socrates has already rounded “ball”. His previous circumnavigation (which is the same as now, it began in Victoria), the British completed July 8, 2013 – when she was 70 years and 325 days. The achievement is not broken until now and included in the “Guinness Book of records”.

But to be the woman who had made a single voyage around the world, Socrates little. She hopes to become the most elderly of all – regardless of gender. What you need to beat the record recently set by the race winner Golden Globe Race Jean-Luc van den Heede from France, 73 years 129 days.

After fixing everything that you can fix, Mrs. Socrates is going to begin the final stage of their journey. First it goes East, then North-East to Tahiti, then to Hawaii, then take a course for Victoria in the canadian province of British Columbia.

The success of this amazing woman! Seven feet under the keel!

Personal website of Jeanne Socrates – There we found these pictures. They, of course, not new.

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