Generation Y — a generation that has no limits

How Millennials are changing superyacht industry

In the first hundred richest people in the world 20% — people younger than 50 years and the current owners of superyacht 10-15 years younger than it was 20 years ago. This was read as the results of a joint study of the International University of Monaco and the Italian shipyard Rossinavi. But this is not the limit: according to forecasts for the next twenty years, the average age of superyacht owners will decline from the current 45-55 35-45 years.

However, changes not only the age but the mentality of new yahtovladeltsy.

Who is behind these changes? We are talking about the Millennials — the generation born in 1981-1990 and met the new Millennium young — about the so-called Wealthy Generation Y. members of this generation consider yachting as one of the components of your dynamic way of life, like spontaneous amusement. While the yahtovladeltsy old school it was an all-consuming passion.

The trim mahogany, cigars, chic interiors and large cabins Millennials prefer the opportunity to experience adventure, enjoy water sports and have fun with friends outdoors.

Instead of pompous luxury is more important for them to experience something new and exciting, to get a unique life experience.

There is a growing need for boats have more speed, maneuverability and has been equipped with the latest technology.

“Technology is an integral part of our everyday life and are becoming increasingly inseparable from the world of luxury. Millennials don’t want the yacht was just beautiful. We need high-tech, functional and durable machines that can take us anywhere” — gives review of the magazine Boat International 37-year-old Daisy Isernia (Daisy D’isernia), head of PR and business development Eastern Shipbuilding Group.

It’s hard not to notice that in recent years in the yacht industry, more attention is paid to environmental issues: on the boats that use alternative sources of energy installed a hybrid or fully electric engines, used low-toxic paint.

“After 20 years of construction aesthetic will evolve, based on new green technology. Ideas such as surfaces of solar cells or transparent glass, combined with a solar panel will affect the form of add-ons. For many years we had the clock that was wound up themselves from the motion of your wrist, so why not get energy from the waves or from the boat during its motion?” — said 31-year-old Liversidge, Fleur (Fluer Liversidge) of Indigo Studio.

Being young and ambitious Millennials-yahtovladeltsy still actively involved in the business processes.

Writing vacation on the boat in their tight schedule, they could not help break stereotypes.

If traditionally accepted to go on two-week cruise in the summer season they choose for themselves in one weekend to relax on Board off the coast of Sardinia, on weekdays to get back to work, and another weekend to hang out, say, Ibiza.

Changes were made and the design of boats. Formal dining area and exquisite parlors cause less interest of customers. In individual projects all the rarer offices on Board. Instead, customers focus on the opportunity to relax during their travels on the boat. The priority open spaces for socializing, gym, SPA and facilities for practicing water sports.

“In 20 years we will have many new types of buildings, and the volumes of glazing add-ons will grow. Engines and technical equipment taking up less space, so the sizes of the internal spaces will increase. In addition, I think there will be new types of multifunctional yacht, for example, immersion — they combine boats and submarines. Generation “Next” was born when technology has engulfed every aspect of life. And this generation that has no limits,” says Timur Bozca (Timur Bozca), 29-year-old designer and founder of Bozca Design.

He owned a number of unusual projects 70-metre superyacht Black Swan and a 55-foot high-tech sailing yacht Cauta.

“The owner of tomorrow wants for each task we developed a customized solution. The new generation of designers create a custom space is a multifunctional area, able at any moment to change your destiny. Flexibility between the internal and external appearance, privacy, and openness, ushers in a new era of individual projects,” — says Piredda Nicolo (Nicolò Piredda), 24-year-old designer of yachts of AM Yacht Design, received the title of “Young designer of 2018”.

Pizzanini Johan (Johan Pizzardini), Manager, communications and media, the Monaco Yacht Show, notes that Millennials are less interested in buying superyachts. Some of them even consider the right of ownership limitation and find the Charter a more attractive alternative. A new generation of more adventurous. They can this week to spend on the yacht in one part of the world, and the next is to go to the other end of the earth, where they will need another boat.

The fact that a new wave of customers prefer charterer, the yacht company makes to sweat in search of new sales tactics. And to adapt has been on the communication level.

The buyers met with designers and shipyards to yacht shows or through brokers. Millennials find that approach stifling and old-fashioned. So today customers are increasingly using social networks as it is much faster and more informal method of communication. However, this method of communication plays into the hands of and selling side, providing genuine information about the tastes and needs of the buyer.

More global step towards customers is the development of the concept of joint ownership of a yacht (similar to project in the direction of NetJets private aviation).

Companies have already begun to offer programs that help all aspects of operation, maintenance and management of the boat will fall on the shoulders of these professionals. This scheme promises to minimize the costs and hassle associated with the contents of the vessel, and leave for the owners only the benefits of owning a yacht.

“To stimulate the development of shipbuilding in the future, we could promote the idea of sharing. One organization will deal with everything from stock sales before the start of construction and ending with all the worries about yacht maintenance, freeing from owners. This is a great option for those who want to become a yacht owner without serious investments,” suggests Sebastian Vibe-Petersen (Sebastian Vibe-Petersen), whose family owns two sailing yachts, the 52-meter “Q” and 54-meter “Parsifal III”.

Generation Y confident changes yachting. But this is more evolution than revolution.

“Millennials will do something different, and the product will need to “repackage”, but the boat will not change so much, and the concept of ownership will not disappear in the near future. Like all of us, they want to have their own things. Everything changes, but human nature remains the same”, — assured the publishers MYS Summer Magazine.

To summarize the words of Lilly-Marie Rolla Noebels (Lilli-Marie Neubelt Rollwa), co-founder of the yacht art company Art Couture German: “What should not be changed in the yachting industry is that it is like one big family. What can be improved is to make yachting more accessible.” We — only.

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