First day – dictated by the Spaniards

March 9, 2019

      First day – dictated by the Spaniards
      On March 8, the first OptiOrange Valencia 2019 races took place in the host yacht club of Valencia, according to the results of which the first ten belong to Spanish athletes almost completely.

First day - dictated by the Spaniards

A fleet of 316 participants in the second season of OptiOrange Valencia, the Spanish city, met with excellent sailing weather. Competitions started in the light breeze, which increased to 10 knots during the day. Each of the four groups into which the participants were divided held three scheduled races.

“I am glad that we managed to complete the program of the day,” said the chief referee of the competition, César Sans, “we held three races for all groups. As for the behavior of the fleet, the participants were noticeably nervous and made mistakes. So I had to use a black flag, but fortunately there were few disqualifications. ”

Despite the unstable wind, Jaime Ayarza Monenegro, the winner of the December Trofeo AECIO, demonstrated an astounding first three wards. Only one second parish was admitted by the already aged athlete from Torrevieja, Antonio Lopez Martinez. In third place with two first and fifth wards is the champion of the region Galicia Bruno Ameneiro from Sanxenxo. Predictably, the best result among girls showed twice world champion from Mallorca Maria Perello Mora.

The only athlete who managed to squeeze into the tight build of the Spanish team was the favorite of the competition, the winner of the Palamos regatta, Latvian Martin Attill. With three parishes in the top three, Martin is fifth.

As for the Russian athletes, after last year’s success, the generational change of team leaders is palpable. The representative of the program "OptiPro", the winner of the series "Optimists of the Northern Capital" Andrei Sotnikov was the fifth after two races, but the third was a difficult test. As a result, Sotnikov dropped to 32 place. On the contrary, Vyacheslav Martus, who, after the first unsuccessful race, showed two arrivals in the top ten and has so far demonstrated the best result among the Russians, took the 30th position.

“For our children, the day was not easy, we gave way to Spanish athletes, primarily psychologically, despite the fact that we can compete with local athletes,” says Optipro coach Sergei Semenov. , Minibayeva, Daniil Perchik was the third in the last race. That is, we are fully capable of competing with the leaders of the fleet, but it is necessary to stabilize the results. "

According to the regatta program on March 9, three OptiOrange Valencia races are scheduled. Every day, after the races, the sailing fiesta takes place, for example, on the first day, the athletes were treated to delicious paella, not forgetting to write it down with delicious freshly squeezed orange juice. A little snack, the guys took part in the dance battles and raffle prizes and gifts from sponsors: thank the company Garmin, North Sails, ZuMEX and Sailing Cuack.

The main prize in the draw on March 10 will be the hull of the yacht "Optimist". The photo contest continues – you need to make a photo and post it on the Instagram social network with the hashtag # optiorange19. The photo with the most likes will be marked at the closing ceremony of the regatta.

Alexey Zhirov
PR-director of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg.

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