Fight off the pursuers!

August 21, 2019

      Fight off the pursuers!
      We have already informed you about the five disciplines in which medal races took place in Enoshima (Japan) today. Now let's talk about five other disciplines, where the final races ended today.

Fight off the pursuers!

Let's start with class 470 (men), where Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov perform. After ten races held, they still occupy 5th place and are unlikely to be able to rise higher: from the Americans Stuart McNay / David Hughes, who are fourth, they are separated by a real chasm – 19 points.

So the main task in the medal race is to maintain the milestones. Moreover, the crews pursuing Pavel and Denis are close enough.'s-Two-Person-Dinghy-470_as_of_21_AUG_at_1527.pdf

470 (women). Alisa Kirilyuk and Angelika Chernyakhovskaya all the regatta acted as outsiders: they have the penultimate, 19th place.'s-Two-Person-Dinghy-470_as_of_21_AUG_at_1538.pdf

"Laser standard." Races are completed for Sergey Komissarov – he is only the 25th (out of 35 racers).'s-One-Person-Dinghy-Laser_as_of_21_AUG_at_1549.pdf

Laser Radial. Ekaterina Zyuzina – in 38th place (40 participants).'s-One-Person-Dinghy-Laser-Radial_as_of_21_AUG_at_1536.pdf

And finally, here's the situation at Finn. Recall that there are no Russian representatives in this discipline.'s-One-Person-Dinghy-Finn_as_of_21_AUG_at_1609.pdf

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