Fight for licenses: the second commissioners

July 6, 2019

      Fight for licenses: the second commissioners
      In Sakaiminato (Japan) continues the world championship in the class "Laser-standard". Today – on Saturday, July 6 – the next two races took place. After which our Sergey Komissarov takes the 15th place.

Fight for licenses: the second commissioners

This is – in short. Now more. In both races of the day, Commissioners finished 9th. He now has 30 points. Maxim Nikolaev is in the 40th place (68 points), Daniel Krutskikh – on the 85th (126).

At the same time came forward a new Zealander Sam Meech, who won in both of these races. He has 13 points. It turns out, Komissarov after 6 races lags behind the leader by 17 points. What, I think, does not abyss.

But, most importantly, not even that. As we have already said, 5 trips to the 2020 Olympics should be played in Sakaiminato. So in this “license race”, Komissarov has a very good position.

Most of the licenses, of course, have already been awarded – a year ago at the integrated world championship. And of those who claim them now, the following countries and yachtsmen have the best results now:

10. Sweden. Jesper Stalheim – 23 points;

15. Russia. Sergey Komissarov – 30;

19. Spain. Joaquin Blanco Alabat – 40;

20. Hungary. Benjamin Wadnai – 42;

21. Guatemala. Juan Inacio Maella – 42.

Of course, it is too early to make predictions, but there is hope for a favorable outcome, and this, you see, is good!

On the other hand, it must be remembered that, in addition to those already mentioned, there are representatives of five more countries in the Golden Fleet, which have not yet acquired the Olympic licenses. So the fight will be fierce.

Yes, we still have not said that the qualifying races have been completed, and now the participants will compete in the Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets.

Results after 6 races:

198 July 6, 2019 # 9220

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