Everything should be fair

The so-called review of Vasily Senatorov, published under the heading “From the publisher” in the just published, the July issue of Yacht Russia.

Anyone of you heard about a series of seven won races in the regatta world Cup level? I think, no. This is an absolute record in sailing. Perhaps someone sometime will be able to repeat but to exceed this miracle is impossible. Its author was a member of the national team of Russia Vladimir Krutskikh. Hero essays our magazine, winner of the award “Yachtsman of the year 2018”.

The world Finn Masters championship was held in Denmark, on a very difficult waters with variable winds and a strong irregular flow. Among rivals in more than 300 apparent the Navy had a lot of Olympians, winners of the regattas of any rank. So attributed the lack of competition that victory is impossible. So what happened?

– I carefully worked out with the coach all the features of the currents in SKOVSHOVED, – said Volodya. – The speed was good. So all our tactical plan failed.

Add to this excellent start, when the yachtsman not only knew where to go, but could implement its plans in a giant fleet.

I heartily congratulate Vladimir Krutskikh, on behalf of the magazine and the sailing community!

But what’s next?

As you know, while in Russia the license for Games-2020 in a class “the Finn” no. But we are first in the queue. In Europe there is still one license, and it will be played in April next year in Genoa at the world Cup. There is still a chance that someone will refuse to go to the Olympics.

Unlike other classes, where Russia for years do not change the unconditional leaders in the “finne” no kind of competition going on there. It is therefore necessary to not later than the calendar year before the Olympic games ryf developed and published selection criteria with a moratorium on any revisions and Desk games.

Volodya after the phenomenal success inspired and determined to fight himself, not only to coach his young teammates. At his side experience, including the Olympic, which no one else vinnista team. Age? So you see how works on the “Laser” of the same age Krutskikh, a living legend of the sail Robert Sheidt gathered in 46 years to go for a medal in Japan! He’s a worker no less! So everything has to be fair!

And let the individuals in the WFTU insists that the team needed rejuvenation. In “Finn” – definitely not, because, despite all the efforts of the sailors, this class will not be represented at the Games in 2024. (By the way, a certain role in this played a roll in athleticism caused by the permission to pull the sail!) And if Enoshima among the medal will be our veteran – this will be a decisive argument for critics of modern politics World Sailing, has made the emphasis on the young. And an example for many generations.

Vasily Senatorov,

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