Australians lead

August 14, 2019

      Australians lead
      In Yekaterinburg, on the basis of the Provincial Yacht Club Komatek, the world championship match-race races started. According to the site, teams from Australia, the USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Poland, Italy, New Zealand, Japan and Russia arrived.

Australians lead

In total, 38 starts were held on the first race day in the waters of the Verkh-Isetsky Pond. The leader is the team from Australia. The crew won five out of five races. They are followed by a team from the UK, which out of 7 races lost only one. Next is the Polish team: out of five races, the guys lost one.

“It was a good race day,” said Anna Dejanova, international judge, chairman of the race committee. – Juniors managed to drive off twelve flights and two matches from the thirteenth. Crews behave professionally. Really strong teams came to us in Russia.

“The day was wonderful, we won all the races except one, it was hard enough,” says Matthew Whitfield, skipper of the crew from the UK. – They tried to remain calm when they saw that they crossed the line first when they won. It is really difficult to say which team is stronger, because all opponents do everything possible to win. I am impressed with Russia, it is completely different from what I knew about it. I really enjoy these competitions.

“We won four out of five races, so we are satisfied,” said the clewed Polish team Mateusz Golaszewski. – The weather conditions were good. I think we need to continue to maintain concentration and continue in the same spirit.

The Russian steering team Mark Abdrakipov spent seven matches, won one – against the Czech team.

The regatta will end on August 17th.

Results of the first race day –

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