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cruise ship passenger capacityView cruise ship ratings and learn what is average/normal and max cruise ship passenger capacity. Cruise ships capacity (passengers and crew/hotel staff) and space ratios of the world's most famous ships are sorted alphabetically by the names of their owners (companies, lines and operators) according to the official cruise ship data.

Cruise Ship Capacity

The "full" cruise ship passenger capacity is based on double occupancy (2 guests per cabin). The cabin's capacity varies according to stateroom's type, category, and also by line and ship. A standard passenger ship cabin usually accommodates 2 or 3 guests, but there are some "smaller" and "bigger" exceptions. Our survey also includes smaller ships (under 500 passengers), and some ships are intentionally omitted from the big table to be included in the small one (about passenger capacity of top luxury cruise ships, with emphasis made on their highest guests-to-crew ratio. If searching for a particular vessel, use the Ctrl+F key combination and type the name in the search box. Good to know things:

  • ships will sail at varying capacities depending on itinerary and season.
  • the average cruise ship passenger capacity is around 3, 000 guests for ocean liners and around 150 guests for bigger river cruise ships.
  • the largest cruise ship passenger capacity is 5, 412 (at double occupancy) and 6, 318 max capacity if all berths are occupied. And, of course, these big numbers are part of the specifications of the first in the list of the biggest cruise ships in the world - the Oasis ship of Royal Caribbean International.
  • Single cruise cabins (called also "studios", or "solo cabins"), though rarely available, offer some of the cheapest rates for solo travelers by avoiding the double occupancy policy of all the major cruise ship companies, with the range of single supplement rates being between 50 and 100% (depending on line and ship).
  • Family suite cruise accommodations generally have the biggest passenger capacity (up to 6 guests) and are some of the most expensive cabin categories (again, not available on all ships). Cheap suites are available on most Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC and Costa ships.

Max (largest) passenger capacity of a cruise ship would signify this ideal financial situation, when all the berths, plus all upper and lower bunks, "Pullman" beds and single and double sofa beds (available in types and numbers according to the ship's cabin grades) are all occupied by the most numerous crowd the ship can ever gather on board. However, on most of the sailings, even the full-ship capacity (at double occupancy level) is not reached. Which automatically opens the "big ships doors" for great deals, like kids sail for free, buy one get one free, free cabin upgrades, bonus amenities, and also huge price discounts on luxury cruise deals. For more info you can read our survey on unsold cruise cabins/cheap cruise upgrades.

cruise ship capacity cruise ship ratings

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