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Emerald Princess Swimming Pool

Will find Emerald Princess almost identical in
amenities and décor. The rationale is that passengers coming
aboard a Princess ship will expect to find certain things and
thus the ships should be as similar as possible. Since these
three ships entered service within three and a half years of
each other, they are quite similar. Furthermore, when a new
ship leaves the shipyard with a new amenity or offering a
new service, it is then retrofitted into earlier ships. For
example, Emerald Princess now offers the behind-the-scenes
“Ultimate Ship Tour” that debuted on younger sister Ruby

“I think the way the ships are designed when you walk onto
a Princess ship, whether it be one of the smaller ships or the
larger ships, you know you are on a Princess ship. Different
ships have different characters. All the different classes have
their own nuances and their own styles but you always know
you are on a Princess ship, ” commented Cruise Director
Paul O’Loughlin who has been with Princess since the days
of the original Love Boat and who has sailed on 22 ships.

One of the reasons that almost identical ships have different
characters stems from the difference in their schedules. For
example, Emerald Princess currently does predominantly 10-
daay cruises while Ruby does mostly 7-day cruises. “The 7-
day cruise is the youngest clientele that we get but even on
the 7-day cruise we get a lovely variance in the
demographic. [As a result], the 7-day is a lot faster paced
than a 10-day would be or a 12-day.” Consequently,
Emerald tends to have a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere
than her sister.

The atmosphere onboard is also affected by the fact that the
ship tends to attract a mix of nationalities. Even during the
winter Caribbean season, one normally finds a substantial
number of Canadian and British passengers as well as
Americans. “I quite like it especially when passengers
interact with each other. When they are sitting at breakfast
and you have Canadian friends, American friends, United
Kingdom friends and other nationalities, I think it spices the
ship up.”

The cosmopolitan nature of Emerald’s atmosphere is
underscored by the fact that no substantial changes are made
to her cruising style to attract non-U.S. guests, yet she is
attractive to non-U.S. guests. “Princess Cruises is an
American company and we offer an American style of
cruising, which is our success, ” said O’Loughlin a native of
Dublin, Ireland who grew up in Oxford in England.

Another factor influencing the atmosphere is the friendliness
of the crew toward the passengers. “You still always get that
touch of magic on a ship that you will never get in a hotel.
There is always that little extra touch of magic and
friendliness. That is one thing we do concentrate on is the
friendliness of our crew. The friendliness comes from the
stateroom stewards, the waiters, the cruise staff - - that
special relationship. That is what our passengers look for
when they come back to a ship. That is the key to our
success is the crew definitely.”

The public spaces on Emerald are divided into a relatively
large number of venues. These are often more intimate than
the venues on large cruise ships. Reflecting the fact that
different people have different tastes, “we try and give
passengers a choice - - that is the main thing that we do. So,
when they come out of dinner in the evening they can either
go to a game show, karaoke, a production show, a musical
theater show or a comedian or a magician or a juggler. We
try and give them as much choice as we can.”

Providing choices is not limited to entertainment. Emerald
offers a choice of traditional dining, flexible dining, specialty
restaurants, and informal buffets. “In days gone by, it was
much more structured and we told the passenger what to do
whereas now the passenger has the choice of how they want
to organize their day and their evening.”
Emerald Princess’ current itinerary has her cruising the

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