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Pride of America
Pride of America debuted in 2005 as the first U.S.-flagged passenger cruise ship to be built in more than 50 years. The ship is distinctive in another way: The crew and officers are primarily American or citizens from U.S. territories. The advantage to the U.S. registration and the staffing requirement is that the vessel can sail seven-night itineraries around the Hawaiian Islands without having to stop in Vancouver or Ensenada. Nor does it have to travel thousands of miles out of the way to visit Fanning Island. That's because the Passenger Services Act, requiring foreign-flagged cruise ships to stop at foreign ports when leaving or returning to U.S. waters, does not apply to this ship. That means itineraries are chock full of port stops and overnights in the beautiful regions of the U.S.'s 50th state.

Also notable, Pride of America is currently the only ship to sail Hawaiian waters year-round. More often than not, it's the sole cruise ship in port, which makes for a far more relaxing visit for passengers.

Pride of America is a paean to the United States. Everything onboard the ship celebrates American culture and history, from the 1950s kitsch of the Cadillac Diner to the sober statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Liberty Dining Room. You get a feel for the ship as soon as you board: Stepping into the marble lobby, you're greeted with a huge seal of the United States embedded in the flooring. It almost feels irreverent to walk across it.

The ship is big but not too big. It's easy to navigate, with the exception of a few "you can't get there from here" spots, like the Deck 6 Liberty Dining Room (only accessible from an upper or lower deck) or the Deck 12 spa and fitness center (tucked away on a half deck at the aft of the ship).

Does a staff or crew comprising mostly U.S. citizens offer a different cruise experience? You bet it does. At once familiar but different, it does take a while to get used to being served by people from Plano, Texas, or Eugene, Oregon - all who greet you with the Hawaiian "aloha!" - as opposed to the international staff that is typical on most oceangoing cruise ships. Overall, the service is friendly but not always perfect. On a ship with such an island-intensive itinerary, it's unlikely to affect your vacation much.

The way we see it, the cruise experience is less like going to Morton's, Ruth's Chris or Le Cirque every night and more like going to Applebee's or T.G.I. Friday's. Food, service, cabins and entertainment are all perfectly fine, but it's the destination, rather than the ship, that will provide the "wow" factor.

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