Biggest cruise ships in the world

Explorer-Of-The-SeasCruise ships are one of the largest forms of luxury in the world. Essentially, cruise ships are floating hotels that have been turned over onto their sides. These aren’t average floating hotels, either, they are five star luxury hotels that can take you to islands that you thought only existed in the movies.

Almost every cruise ship is enormous, but there are some that stand out from the rest. These ships look more like skyscrapers treading through the water, and they can accommodate hundreds. Just be warned, these cruises are not cheap ones to take (not that any of them are, really).

Cruise ships that have to go from one continent to another need to be huge. They are so big that you won’t be able to feel any of the waves, since your ship will basically be touching the sea floor. These ships are fully staffed, so if you want to sail the seas without having to join the military, then we recommend these floating cities. Most of them are owned by the same couple of companies, but each of these ships brings their own unique style. Here are the 10 largest on Earth…or technically Earth’s water.

#10 – Explorer Of The Seas (Length: 310 M)

This Royal Caribbean ship took her maiden voyage in October of 2000, and is able to haul 3, 000 people through the waters. What’s even cooler is the fact that there is a laboratory onboard that studies marine science. You might want to hop on this one soon as the ship will undergo renovations in 2015 for improvements.

MSC-FantasiaOne of the renovations include the shutdown of the skating rink, since nobody likes to skate anymore. Instead, it is being replaced by a surf simulator, since that is a much more popular choice for people in the water. The ship is also making the trip to Australia during construction so it can serve the Aussies for a couple of years.


#9 – MSC Fantasia (Length: 333 M)

The Fantasia is operated by MSC Cruises. The ship is registered in Panama and was named by Sophia Loren, who hopped aboard the first cruise. The ship was also very expensive, as it costed $550 million by completion.

There have been a couple of incidents with the ship, but nobody has been seriously hurt. On one occasion, the boat came in too hot for the dock and got dented. On another, a mooring line snapped off during high wind and knocked four people into the water. Still, this ship is the most used in all of Panama and offers cruises regularly, almost all incident free.

MSC-Preziosa#8 – MSC Preziosa (Length: 333 M)

The Preziosa is the sister ship to the Fantasia and also cost 0 million to make. Cruises for this ship didn’t start until 2013, and it’s identical to that of the MSC Divina (who we will just lump into this part of the list). When it was built, it was supposed to be named the Phoenicia, and Hannibal Gaddafi said that there should be a shark tank on board.

People didn’t want to listen to the Gaddafi family anymore, and MSC looked elsewhere for ideas about their new cruise ship. There are now 18 decks on board the Preziosa. Some of the amenities include a spa, a casino, and a disco— if that is really what you’re into.

#7 – Royal Princess (Length: 330 M)

This ship is owned and operated by Carnival Cruises. Since the previous line of cruise ships by Carnival was the Queen line, it just makes sense that this one is part of the Princess line. The Royal Princess made its maiden voyage in June of 2013, making it one of the newest on the list.

Royal-PrincessThe Royal Princess has a capacity of 3, 600 passengers. The walkway and the bar that are on each side of the ship are a sight to see, and the movie theater is top of the line. The ship got off to a rocky start, as it suffered a power outage during one of its first passenger cruises and people had to be flown back home from Rome. All on the Carnival dime, too. At least nobody on board lost money in the whole deal.

#6 – Queen Mary 2 (Length: 345 M)

The Queen Mary 2 is operated by Carnival Cruise Lines, and there is a little something for everyone aboard this ship. It was named The Queen Mary 2 as it is a replica of the original Queen Mary that set out in 1936.

The Queen Mary 2 made its maiden voyage in 2004 and still holds up after a decade of service. The ship has more than a dozen restaurants and half a dozen swimming pools. There is a kennel for dogs and a nursery for babies. If you want to gamble, there’s a casino. You can also spend time at the planetarium, or you could just go on the deck and look at the stars.

#5 – Liberty Of The Seas (Length: 339 M)

The Liberty cost a total of $800 million from start to finish and was originally named the Endeavour of the Seas. That name was scrapped due in part to Royal Caribbean wanting to name their next fleet of Freedom Class ships after Freedom-like things.

4, 600 passengers can fit onto the ship. There is a waterpark on the deck for the youngsters to play. For the adults, there is volleyball, basketball, ice skating, a huge gym and even a boxing ring. We’re not sure who would want to take out their frustrations on a cruise ship, but it is a great way to stay in shape

Queen-Mary-2 Liberty-Of-The-Seas Freedom-Of-The-Seas

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