The finale of the Extreme Sailing Series starts on November 29 in Mexico

The seventh and final stage of the Extreme Sailing series will take place in the waters of Los Cabos (Mexico) from 29 November to 2 December. Six members of the previous regattas of Switzerland, Denmark, Oman, the UK, Austria and Mexico this time will join the American team US Team Extreme.

Now the gap between the first and second places is just five points so the final race of the series promises to be particularly tense.

However, skipper and helmsman for the Swiss Alinghi Psoriasis Arno (Arnaud Psarofaghis) keeps a cool head and as if not going through to future competition.

“No tension. We are in a better position to win the tour and, of course, the whole series,” he says.

For such confidence have every reason to: the Swiss took first place in four of the six stages in this year and in past years they were three times Champions of the series.

Unlike rivals, who now occupies second place in the overall standings, the Danish SAP Extreme Sailing Team a little nervous before the start of the final stage.

“We feel the tension. But maybe it’s for the best. I hope this will make us work harder and help us to beat Alinghi, and Oman Air,” says the Danish skipper Rasmus Kostner (Rasmus Køstner).

In recognition of Oman Air skipper Phil Robertson (Phil Robertson), his team, now located on third place in the overall standings, confidence gives victory in the previous stage of the series in San Diego (USA).

“We were not the easiest season, we have repeatedly stumbled. However, San Diego has given us confidence. Now we know that we are extremely fast and we have enough moral strength to cope with stress,” says Robertson.

The Laggards are now on nine points from three leading British people of the UK INEOS Rebels in the finals are going to use the “secret weapon”. The team will, Allaway (Will Alloway), of Greber Oli (Oli Greber) and Mark Spearman (Spearman Mark) will increase the most successful yachtsman of the country sir Ben Ainslie (Ben Ainslie), member of the Olympiad Giles Scott (Giles Scott) and star of America’s Cup Joey Newton (Joey Newton).

Team México is the first 12 years of the series team from Mexico, which participates in competitions. And even if in the overall standings, the crew occupies the last sixth place during the final stage, he finally returned to his native, familiar water, and full of enthusiasm.

“We look forward to the final races. For us definitely going to hurt for a crowd, so what we have on the body and sail is written “Mexico”, makes this phase even more special. We will definitely try my best to finish the season with a good result,” says the skipper of the team, Eric Brockman (Erik Brockmann).

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