Descent Mk1 — a new multifunctional gadget from Garmin

Descent Mk1 — a new multifunctional gadget from Garmin


New wrist watch Mk1 Descent from Garmin was created for the very curious divers! Just like water, which you explore under the shell hides a hours more interesting than the outside. Descent Mk1 is a dive computer with a GPS display, Garmin designed specifically for active and advanced!

Garmin – probably the most well-known manufacturer of GPS navigational equipment, sports watches, trackers, and other gadgets for outdoor activities. GPS navigation from a Swiss company designed for various applications, including automotive, aviation, marine, tourism, sports equipment, and equipment for wireless applications. And at the end of last year, Garmin has further expanded its influence in the yachting industry, having bought out the Italian company Navionics electronic navigational charts.




Key features of the new watch Garmin Descent Mk1:

  • Suitable for professional and leisure diving as well as freediving. Thanks watch you can plan any dive right on your wrist. Regardless of whether you are a Amateur or a professional diver, you can now use your personal computer for scuba diving to be easily and safely plan your next dive.
  • High-sensitivity GPS and satellite system GLONASS will automatically mark where you start and finish your dive.
  • The alarm warns you of vibration and gradation of tones during a dive, so you can be ready for any situation.
  • Built-in three-axis compass directs you under the water, providing an easy and safe move. If the compass you need during the dive, just tap the button and the data will be displayed.
  • When you dive into the water, you are ready to start the dive. You don’t want to worry about when to start and terminate your dive. With Descent Mk1, just jump in the water to automatically start your dive, and spring upon the surface to finish it.
  • Descent Mk1 will be watching your vital signs, measuring your pulse on your wrist.
  • Stylish minimalistic design and a color display.
  • Working time of battery: up to 19 days in clock mode, 10 days, smart watch, 40 hours of immersion and 20 hours in GPS mode.


Descent Mk1 wrist watch for divers c GPS display from Garmin
Descent Mk1 wrist watch for divers c GPS display from Garmin


Explore the mysterious underwater world with Descent Mk1 – the first multi-functional computer for divers with a GPS display. Get ready to dive together with a scheduler by selecting different modes of gas mixtures including Nitrox and Trimix, as well as their measurement and other modes for freediving.

Thanks to Garmin Connect mobile application Garmin Connect Mobile you can save, view and share their dives and other activity with the online community Garmin connect to other users and to share information about dives with friends. View the history of their immersion on the screen or compatible mobile device.

Connect IQTM, to personalize your gadget for free downloads from online store GarminConnect IQ. Configure the clock display, add data fields and get apps and widgets that provide relevant to your interests information. Function Connect IQ is not available while diving, for your safety, so Garmin can ensure that all possible dip functioned as they were designed.

Change watch bracelets – silicone, leather and metal, back and forth. Quickfit-bracelets created especially for your new multi-gadget suit your style.

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