Young is the most stable!

As reported in Kronstadt took place on the final stage of the Cup of Russia on kiteboarding in the discipline of “freestyle”.

The weather conditions were very difficult: the temperature is 10-12 degrees, heavy rains, storm winds from 10 to 20 m/s. Athletes give 100, because at stake was the title of the champion of Russia-2019.

In the freestyle category ABOUT the most stable program showed a young athlete Denis Usov that helped him to win all the races! Dennis, congratulations from all my heart!!!!


Freestyle PRO:
1 – Denis Usov
2 – Sergey Borisov
3 – Sergei Sotov
4 – Marat Aliyev
5 – Anton Cherkashin

1 – Denis Usov
2 – Ilya Ishopusa
3 – Andrey Ezhov

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