Yachting in Portugal

Since ancient times, Portugal was a country of pioneers and sea explorers. After a few centuries the popularity of the country among the lovers of active recreation is growing.

It is not surprising that yachting off the coast of Portugal is
one of the best – endlessly beautiful coastline, beautiful beaches in the world, amazing modern infrastructure and unique architecture, serving
in the direction to the sea, to this binding.

Rest on a yacht? Let’s go to

One of the most common ways holiday in Portugal
is a trip on a yacht along its shores. There are going to
yachting enthusiasts from around the world. This is one of the few
European countries with a great climate, lots of picturesque coves and beaches, and
also convenient ports and marinas.

An important feature of yachting in Portugal is it
year-round – there is no need to wait for some favorable seasonal
period, as in some other countries. In the summer the ocean is warm, quiet and
calm, fall, and winter – cool and slightly disturbing: choose what
prefer, and no more restrictions!

All the Portuguese coast equivalent creates a great
conditions for yachting, so the diversity of routes is simply amazing. In
what direction would not have to sail everywhere received will delight and surprise
the natural beauty of the sea and comfort from the yacht maintenance in case

In addition to all it is here accumulated the largest number
of sailing schools and yacht clubs with the possibility of learning this sport, where the constant sea practice contributes to the rapid acquisition of necessary skills.

Where to take the boat

Out on the waves of the open Atlantic ocean – a dream
a lot of people. In Portugal, this dream is feasible thanks
numerous and comfortable yacht Charter.

Conditions for yacht rental variety, which allows no
in what itself not to limit. Any sizes and outer beauty, convenience and luxury
on Board, support team or a single out in the ocean, yachts for all
period of time (from several hours to several days) in advance
proposed routes to choose from, pre-training and instruction – all
is available for yacht Charter in Portugal.

Yacht clock
stand in marinas, which allows not only pre-book swimming
tool, but also to go into the ocean spontaneously.

Yacht routes in Portugal: where and what to see

Travel in Portugal is divided into two main branches –
the West and South. Western ports are often located at river mouths with
channels (for example, water road to Lisbon – capital of Portugal – is
Tagus river, flowing from the very center of the city).

The Guadiana river is on the border with Spain, and
length for possible shipping – about 20 miles. Bank
impossible picturesque, so sailors are very fond of this area.

The South branch is known for many great approaches to
ports are scattered along the scenic coasts. Well here
to travel, as it is here the mass centers repair and services
yacht maintenance.

In Portugal
there are three most commonly used route for sailing:

1. Atlantic
the coast
is worthy of attention. This route is “breathing” the Portugal. A great way to experience beautiful nature, local lifestyle
residents and the Atlantic ocean.

2. South coast
is the unique beauty of beaches, breathtaking scenery and
relaxed atmosphere throughout. The route itself is conventionally divided into two – the Eastern and Western parts. The Eastern part like to visit nature lovers
because of its beauty, peace and tranquility. The Western part of the surroundings,
loving active rest. There are lots of cafes, night clubs, shops and other
civilized goods.

3. Measured
yacht cruise around Lisbon
is a great opportunity
to get acquainted with the Portuguese capital to see its interesting places.
City by the sea are always perceived differently than from the

What else to occupy himself

Apart from sailing in Portugal, there are other water activities. Here you can practice surfing, diving or take part in
regattas on yachts. Surfing in Portugal has long been considered one of the most
best. From October to may is the “wave” season: little
people, not too hot and great waves for an adrenaline fun. However, if
you are a beginner and see the ocean first, then it makes sense to go in the midst of
the tourist season from late may to October. More people, but also waves
less so that you can better learn to “stand on waves.”

Portugal is considered a rather Amateur for the diving professional. However, it also has something to surprise fans
diving. The country gives a wonderful opportunity to watch your
unique cliffs and caves, created by nature from sea shells and sand, to swim in
company amazing fish, octopus or crab on rocky shelves,
of course, to participate in the program of wreck diving to visit wrecks

Almost all year round off the coast of Portugal held a regatta in the yachts, from professional to simple, Amateur. This is a great
the opportunity to receive a handsome prize as a reward for their ability to control
yacht or to experience these abilities to the test.

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