Yacht in the style of Star Wars

Just imagine how this Battlestar of space Opera rapidly slices through the waves of the sea. Dreamers say, “Fantastic! I wish to go on Board!”. Skeptics will provocat: “These modern designers don’t know anything about shipbuilding – they do what they want!”.

But the portal ruYachts.com loves yacht designers. These guys and girls don’t be afraid to dream. And it is the dream moving progress! For example, ten years ago nobody could not have imagined that in 2016 at a private shipyard in Riga will build two of the world’s largest “space” of the trimaran for a few months, the popular Latvian brand Latitude Yachts will reach unprecedented heights.

So let’s not criticize this concept in the style of “Star Wars” from the Polish design Studio Czyzewski Design. And don’t pay attention to the fact that the designers did not disclose the specifications of the vessel. They might, thus leaving the freedom of our imagination. Maybe in a year or two not only will we know the details of the project, but also see a trimaran in a Marina.

    Constantine Kuhlow
    Author ruYachts

    Editor, co-founder of the portal ruYachts.com.

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  • © Photo-materials: Czyzewski Design

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