Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg: the most important projects

Soon will start the next sailing season and that means it’s time to present the main activities and new initiatives of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg (Expb) in 2019, which are implemented together with the General partner of the Yacht club company PJSC “Gazprom”.

“Today, our Club is under active construction, the new Harbor – says Commodore Vladimir Liubomirov. But this does not mean that we stop our projects. Since its inception, the activities of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg aims to strengthen the image of the city as a Maritime capital of Russia. On the way to achieving this lofty goal Yacht club conducts work in several directions. The shipbuilding, historical research and educational programs, sports training and marine practice for the youth, Olympic sports, introduction to sail, adults and other large-scale social projects. Next season poses a new ambitious goal and we will resolve them traditionally efficiently and effectively.”

2019 RS:X Youth World Championship for the first time in the history of the city in St. Petersburg will pass the world championship among juniors in the Olympic Windsurfing class RS:X

Yacht club of St. Petersburg will hold the world championship in the Olympic class “sailing Board RS:X” among juniors. The competition will be held from 4 to 10 August in the waters of the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. In those days in the Park will host large-scale sports family festival, and Amateur charity regatta Windsurfing.

The conduct of the world championship in the Olympic class is a significant event in the Russian sailing competitions of such level in Russia is not held for more than 10 years. Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg aims to demonstrate to the world sailing community for its ability to conduct events of this magnitude continue to host international competitions on a regular basis.


The Baltic offshore regatta Nord Stream Race – “Uniting the Baltic sport”

One of the main events of the season 2019 will be the Baltic offshore regatta Nord Stream Race. Participants of the regatta will be the current winners of the national sailing leagues of five countries – the team of yacht clubs in Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The race will be held on the same 50-foot sailing yachts. The start of the race scheduled in the German city of Kiel, during one of the biggest yacht festivals in the world – the “Kieler Woche”. In Copenhagen the racing village will unfold in the city center, near the spectacular Opera house. In Stockholm the participants will join the famous race around the island of Gotland and start in the center of the Swedish capital. Coastal race in Helsinki will also take place in the centre of the city, and to watch them will be from the restaurant Loli, admission is free. The finish of the regatta will be adopted in St. Petersburg and moored the boat right in the centre of the city. Russia in this competition will present the winning team of the overall standings of the Russian National sailing League 2018 “Leviathan Sailing Team” by Burevestnik group (Moscow/St. Petersburg).

Nord Stream Race 2019 – June 22, Kiel (Germany) – 05 July, St. Petersburg


Team Yacht club, Bronenosec Sailing Team in the RC44 international classes and the 52 series

For team Bronenosec Sailing Team season in 2019 will be marked primarily by the return of one of the most prestigious classes of yacht ТР52 series and the 52 Super Series. In 2017, ending the season in fifth position with a silver medal of one of the stages of the series, “Battleship” took a break to prepare better for the competition booming in the series. With a new boat and updated by the team, the crew of “Battleship” debuts in the new season at the international regatta, Palma Vela in early may, where a fleet of “Super series” will hold General training. In fact, the 52 Super Series season will open may 21 in Menorca in Menorca part of the 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week 2019. Next season will continue with stages in Cadiz, Cascais, Puerto portals and will be completed in September in Sardinia. Steering team Vladimir Liubomirov.

Even earlier, in mid-April, the crew of Bronenosec Sailing Team in the international RC44 class will open the season in Montenegro. This class of 2019 will be special. A new fleet of participants will expand. To the usual races in Cascais and Marstrand will be added, in addition to Porto Montenegro, the Croatian Rovinj and Palma de Mallorca, where the RC44 has never competed. With two bronze medals in two world cups 2017 and 2018, “Battleship” is ready to achieve new heights in the RC44 class. Under the management of Kirill Frolov, the Russian crew will have a training camp in Montenegro in early April, just before the start of the first stage.

Academy of sailing

At the beginning of 2019 at the Academy regularly does sail more than 350 children and 160 cadets of the Kronstadt and Nakhimov military schools and approximately 70 students of the Votkinsk branch of the Academy. The Academy this year will make every effort to maintain our high level of previous years level.

2019 has started for our children well: in the Championship of Russia on winter kinds of sailing in Petrozavodsk Nikita Kodanev repeated his last year success and became the double Champion of Russia on Snowkiting, the first among the girls was returning in winter kite after a two year break Elena Kalinina, Anastasiya Shchedrin became the second among women and first among juniors in the discipline of “winter Windsurfing”.

In 2019, the sailing Academy will again conduct a major youth regatta of the national scale, among them:

– The Cup of Association of class “Optimist”, the final stage of selection to national teams at world championship and Europe;

– Superiority of Russia in international classes with the best young athletes from across the country;

– Championship of St. Petersburg regatta, the biggest regatta in the city;

– traditional series of 4 children’s regattas for the kids, beginners “Optimists of the Northern capital. Gazprom Cup” in each stage of the series will be attended by about 100-140 young riders. Partner of the regatta is “Children’s radio”.

In addition, will be held 15 club children’s regattas. In addition to the competitions in St. Petersburg best athletes, juniors and Olympians, the Academy will take part in 20 domestic and 20 largest international regattas.

On the basis of the Academy branch in Votkinsk (Udmurt Republic) will host the second in the history of the Cup of Votkinsk in sailing, the largest children’s sailing competition in the region.

Continues to grow and develop the project in the early development of “the Kid” for children from 4.5 years. After a three-year training project released the first generation of young sailors, joined the ranks of groups of initial preparation of the class “Optimist”.

For the third year in a row, the athletes of the Academy take part in having no parallel project “Explore Russia under sails”. In the framework of the project the students of the Academy combine training and traveling to the most interesting and unusual corners of our country. Bringing together educational tours, plunging into the history of Russia, our guys popularitybut sailing among the population, conducting workshops for children living in the region, as well as acquire new skills of sailing in different conditions in different water bodies. In 2019, the young athletes will visit lake Onega, the Chechen Republic and Altai Krai.

Athletes “Marine school” Academy sailing will take part in a large March on Gecko in Finland and Sweden in preparation for the world Championships to be held in 2020 in St. Petersburg. Sea School – a project aimed at the development of a harmonious personality by means of sailing, transmit to future generations the heritage of Maritime culture and the Maritime history of Russia and the world. Age athletes – from 13 to 17 years.

Since 2013, the Academy conducts sailing training for cadets, children acquire versatile sailing experience on an educational sailing vessel “Lucullus” and boats of the type the captain’s gig. In 2017 was first conducted field practice for cadets of the cadet corps of the Udmurt PFO them.In.G.Starikov in the opened branch of the Academy in Votkinsk, will continue this tradition in 2019.

Of the many projects of the Academy, which are not mentioned above, it is worth noting the collaboration with the Children’s international camp “Artek”, a joint project of the Academy and the school of the RAUT – OptiPRO, for the top athletes in the class “Optimist” and held in the off-season nursery International regatta OptiOrange Valencia.


Hope the seas

For the first time implemented in 2015, the program of training voyages for Russian students “Hope of the seas” in the current season will continue. It will be attended by students of 5 Universities: Mining University, ITMO University, Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg state economic University and pediatric medical University. For the season of sea practice will be more than 100 people, swimming will be held in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. The educational sailing ship, the legendary schooner “Hope” 1912 construction – officially go on a sea trip on may 27 the Lieutenant Schmidt embankment near the Mining University.


National sailing League and the Champions League

Support the club movement in Russia and in Europe remains one of the priorities of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg. The qualification stage of the sailing Champions League of Europe in Saint-Petersburg in August 2016, 2017 and 2018 has been so successful that this season the team more than two dozen yacht clubs of the Old world will return to the river to compete for the right to play in the international final of the Euro League in Switzerland. We will remind that the command of our club under the direction of Anna Basalkina won bronze SCL qualification in 2017 and has stopped in a step from the podium (5th place) in the final of the SCL in 2018.

– The qualifying stage of the European Sailing Champions League: 04-07 July (water area of Neva at the Peter and Paul fortress)

In the Russian National sailing League Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg takes part in 2014. In the new season team will continue to play in the top division of the League and will be presented by a team of students of the Academy of sailing. Under control of the permanent steering team of Anna Basalkina, winners of the Grand final NPL 2018 and 2017, the Academy team had already scored the first victory in Sochi.

– The stage of the Highest League of the WFTU in Saint-Petersburg: 12-14 Jul (water area of Neva at the Peter and Paul fortress)

– Stage of the Premier League of the WFTU in Saint-Petersburg: July 19-21 (water area of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, Gulf of Finland)

The historic shipbuilding shipyard “Poltava”

The beginning of the season, the builders plan to equip the Ship “Poltava”: to set the mast, rigging, sails and cannons. This summer during the month the ship will stand on the Neva river at one of the Central embankments. 29 Jul “Poltava” will take part in the main naval parade in the country.

Recall that linear 54-gun ship of tier 4 “Poltava” was launched on the city day of Saint-Petersburg on may 27. Ship “Poltava” is the first linear ship of the Baltic fleet. The ship was named in honor of the Russian victory in the battle of Poltava. Poltava was built at the Admiralty shipyards, launched in June 1712 In the design and construction of the ship, Peter I personally participated. Replica of linear ship “Poltava” was started in 2013 in the historic shipbuilding shipyard “Poltava”, founded the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

To ensure the greatness of the creation of the St. Petersburg shipbuilders can personally visit the tour. Today, the Dockyard is a historic shipbuilding is the main repair of sailboats Russia recognized the Russian register of shipping. In recent years, we repaired the mast of the Sailing training ship “Khersones”, repair the masts and bowsprit of a sailing vessel “Hope”, renovated deck, and a boat of the cruiser “Aurora”. The shipyard has a strong design office, workshop for sewing sails for larger sailboats, carpentry, foundry, ringotne workshops, workshops carved decoration and furniture of the ship. Design Bureau created and implemented the project of the frigate “Peter and Paul” in New Holland and the project of recreation of the schooner “West” in Arkhangelsk. Today friendly and professional team of the Shipyard is developing several projects for St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.


The “Dragon”Class

The prestigious international competition in the Dragon class at the Danish Cup Marblehead has gone on for almost a hundred years. In 2018, this Cup was won by the Russian crew of Anatoly Loginov and the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg was named his guardian and organizer of the next draw. Marblehead Trophy 2019: July 20-23, the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland.

The championship of Russia in a class “the Dragon” held on the territory of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg since 2010. The Russian championship in the Dragon class from 24 to 28 July, the Neva Bay.

A series of evening sailing regattas “Kommersant”

The new season of Amateur regattas “Kommersant”, organized by the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg and the Publishing house “Kommersant” with support of MegaFon, traditionally starts in June 2019. This season participants will have many surprises for all 12 races of the season. Recall that the regattas are held every Thursday, the start of the race at 19:00. Regatta-oriented Amateurs and beginners, so the experience of walking on a sailing boat is not required! One of the innovations of the season will be providing participants with professional clothing from chain stores Decatlon. Technical partner of the project “M-marine”.

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