Y. CO brokers put up for sale the Black pearl

Jack… Sorry, captain Jack Sparrow? No? Maybe captain Barbossa? Again, no? However, what is the difference if the broker Y. CO in honor of Halloween has offered to buy a “Black pearl” (the same sailboat out of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean”) anyone in whose veins flows the blood of a pirate, and the bins are 882 coins.

The lucky person will become the owner of 66-meter, elusive, black from keel to top of mast Galleon of the XVI century, with 18 guns each weighing 5.4 kg each on the gun deck and 14 the same guns on the upper deck. A nice bonus for the owner of the “Pearl” will be cursed Aztec gold that will make him immortal.

“Since its launch in the sixteenth century “Black Pearl” was spared from the curse of the Aztecs, and then went through a major restructuring, after which have acquired a unique ability to fit in a glass bottle for saving on fees for Parking. Her team consists of cursed sailors, and the captain is so terrible that hell refused to accept it. Sale of the vessel will make tremble the owner dared to do it”, — joked the sponsors Y. CO.

Of course, no one big ship can’t do without the tender. And “Black pearls” it is! On shore the captain will bring the boat with its customized design of hair from his back, which will result in the movement of marine turtles, should be “seasoned” with rum.

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