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Robust, all-weather, fast, and with two cabins … The new XO 360 will rightfully take its place at the head of the fleet of Finnish boats XO.

I don’t like testing boats in sunny weather on annoyingly calm seas. But we were lucky: in Pula, during the test of the new XO 360 with a clear sky, the wind dispersed such a disgusting (for most) steep wave that many boats, even larger ones, scattered over cover. For us, the conditions were perfect.

I have already tested some of the brand’s excellent, rugged “rocket” boats with aluminum hulls and fiberglass decks. Although they were noticeably smaller than the XO 360, they were distinguished by their main quality – excellent ride on the wave. And this model has one more “trick”: unlike almost all existing high-speed planing boats, it is devoid of longitudinal steps, which work as splash guards. Moreover: with a vertical stem and flat sides without the slightest sign of collapse in the deck area, what will protect it from an accidental wave? So we went out to test and I was ready to turn on all three small windshield wipers.


After flying over the waves for two hours, we identified several expected moments and got a couple of surprises.

The main surprise is that this XO 360 is … the driest boat of its type I’ve ever experienced! If water got on the deck, then only the flops from our photoboat with a strong collapse of the sides in the nose. More predictable was that the XO 360 performed admirably in such harsh conditions: as we plodded through those damn waves, I physically felt each one, and the boat seemed to ignore them. Aluminum is considered by some to be a material exclusively for workhorses; but when this level of technical sophistication is used in the construction of a boat, providing a rigid and high-strength structure, proof that aluminum is also suitable for pleasure craft is not required. In addition, the boat is surprisingly quiet (skeptics expect the metal hull to rattle).

24 degrees

Large hull deadrise (“deep V”) provides the boat with a soft and stable ride on rough seas

Surprise number 2 – design of the control room. We must say that our test XO 360 was the first in the series, and a number of changes have either already been implemented on subsequent cases, or are about to appear. I’m talking about the helm seat (I would like to be softer), Zipwake spoiler control units and Volvo Penta instruments (it would be nice to move them relative to the helm). It is commendable that the XO fit two large chartplotters on the dashboard (standard), but it ended up being too tall.

With the two most powerful (of the project envisaged) engines Volvo Penta D6, 370 hp each. from. and with DPH dispensers, with 60% fuel and 50% water on board, we accelerated the boat to 42 knots on the wave. Maximum revs (3450 rpm) on engines that have only run for 10 hours suggest trying a lighter propeller; let there remain a small “twist”, which will extinguish the body fouling in the summer and the inevitable additional equipment (weight).

These 6-cylinder Volvo Penta’s are undeniably what I would recommend. In the summer of 2015, we tested three XO 270s simultaneously with the D6, the Yanmar (370hp) and the 300hp D4 4-cylinder. with., and D6 were the best. The blisteringly fast XO 360 will be demanding in every way, but if you want to cut fuel costs, moderate the speed to 25 knots: consumption is reduced by a significant 60% (2.3 L / mile instead of
3.7 l / mile). In this mode, the boat demonstrates confident calmness and sounds serene like most others at 15 knots.

Inner world

Considering the amazing driving capabilities of the younger XO models, we can assume that the main reason why buyers will be interested in the XO 360 is the large saloon and additional berths, primarily the owner’s bow cabin, decorated in a laconic “Scandinavian” style. Of course, the interior can be changed, but even now it is quite comfortable and functional. The owners got a bed for two and can be somehow constrained only if their height is under two meters, and the “total width” is more than 1.32 meters.

Light enters here through two deck hatches, prudently hinged so that they open in different directions and will always catch the wind. Another advantage of the cabin is the hefty height of the ceiling, a large mirror and stylish fittings in the shower.

The second cabin is located under the wheelhouse dinette and is equipped more simply, but in length and width it is not inferior to the master’s. Although it does not have a door and the height is more modest, children will surely choose such a cabin, and even casual guests will not grumble.

42 knots

The same speed with two Volvo Penta D6 engines with 370 hp each. developed XO 360 during the test (deadlift on transom 24 °)

The design of the seats in the dinette area allows you to get two options for seating passengers

Latest alluminium XO boat

The aft cabin can be accessed by reclining the hinged aft seat

The compact galley unit fits well into the interior, but can be expanded

The guest cabin, with no door and a low ceiling, is quite spacious

Two opening upper hatches in the forward cabin – a good solution

The toilet is just excellent – spacious and high enough

The two Simrad NSS16 EVO2 chartplotters are definitely chic, although they look redundant

Now about the cabin. It is assumed that six people will sit around the dinette folding table (starboard side): four on the sofas by the table and two on a long sofa along the port side, which intrigued me greatly. It is too low to sit at the table, and I do not see a special need for it: why should a large company gather at the table on a high-speed boat with two cabins? I would suggest putting the sofa shorter, extending the working surface of the galley and arranging a container for storing provisions below – more functional.

I would also get rid of some of the sharp corners and stiff edges – on a small all-weather boat at over 40 knots, clearly designed for risky people, it is not safe. If I have to change anything, then I would have installed a handrail and a bigger refrigerator at the top …

But what is really a lot in the wheelhouse is light. The lightweight, almost delicate (and at the same time durable!) Construction has a large glazing area – hence the high illumination. Large side windows are not such a rarity, but such transparent roof panels and a huge sliding hatch, supplying streams of light and fresh air to the wheelhouse, are not seen on every boat.


Briefly and most importantly, the new XO 360 is a stunning aluminum rocket boat in the traditional XO Boats style. Of course, head boats often get tested, and then changes appear in the series. Where do they come from? Dealers and customers are involved in the process: the former strive to sell what they see as “ideal” ships, the latter (in fact, the former – they) want the boats to match their ideals. This is how the basic model and the list of design options are gradually being worked out, if the shipyard goes for it. I believe that the same prospect awaits the XO 360.

But this applies to interiors. And in terms of performance, such a rugged all-weather fast 37-foot boat has few competitors. Besides, you can live in it. But there is another major advantage. XO Boats offered an excellent first year pricing scheme. It is no secret that many shipyards, in order to attract customers, include important and even irreplaceable equipment in the list of options, artificially lowering the price. Such “extra” positions often include a bow thruster or chartplotter. XO Boats everything – literally everything! – equipment is included as standard. So if you like the XO 360, you should hurry up before the shipyard changes something.


Engines 2 x Volvo Penta D6-370, 370 hp at 3500 rpm, 6 cylinders, 5.5 L, diesel

ECO FAST MAX Modes RPM 1700 1900 2150 2400 2650 2900 3150 3450 Speed ​​12.5 16.5 20.5 24.7 28.7 32.0 36.0 42.0 Flow 34 40 49 57 72 86 114 153 Miles / l 0.37 0.41 0.42 0.43 0.40 0.37 0.32 0.27 Power reserve 248 278 282 292 269 251 213 185 Noise level Interior 74 73 72 71 75 76 77 78 Cockpit 86 86 86 86 86 87 88 88 Handwheel 74 73 72 71 74 76 77 78

Speed ​​in knots, distance in miles, flow in l / h, cruising range at 10% reserve, noise level in dB (A). The figures shown are based on the readings of the on-board instruments and may differ from the data you received. Loading: 60% fuel, 50% water, 2 people on board, life raft and no supplies. The air temperature is + 17 ° С, the wind force at high-speed races is 7-8 m / s, the wave is 2 points (swell).

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