World Sailing will receive financial assistance from IOC


World Sailing will receive financial assistance from IOC
The International Sail Federation, World Sailing, said in a communiqué that, following a constructive dialogue with the International Olympic Committee, an agreement was reached on financial support for the world sail from the IOC.

World Sailing will receive financial assistance from IOC

Note that the achievement of such an agreement a few days ago was announced by the president of World Sailing, Kim Andersen, in an exclusive interview with the publisher of our magazine, Vasily Senatorov. The words of the president, thus, received official confirmation.

World Sailing is by no means the only organization that needed a financial injection in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the Games in Tokyo in 2021. Among those who receive cash support are a number of international sports federations and national Olympic committees. The IOC intends to spend at least $ 150 million on these needs.

What specific amount will be credited to World Sailing accounts has not yet been announced. But before there were publications that the sailing federation could receive $ 15.1 million. This is approximately 47% of the funds that the IOC intends to pay World Sailing in the current Olympic cycle.

Andersen sent a letter of thanks to IOC President Thomas Bach, in which he emphasized that financial support will enable World Sailing to continue developing the world sail and will help prepare the planet's yachtsmen for the 2020 and 2024 Games.

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