World Sailing – course irritation. Part 6. FINNita la comedia

What is the final decision of the General Assembly World Sailing?

The General Assembly actually had no opportunity to consider or to reconsider any proposal of the Board (of which there were several). To discuss and change the decision of the Council on the Olympic program (the”Offer 037-18″) voted 24 delegates, against – 39. All attempts to amend with (actually) the main goal is to return to the Olympic program in a class “Finn”, was voted down.

The basic idea of many speakers was the goal to consider all proposals and, mainly because many delegates wanted to return a class “Finn” and at the same time, actively speaking out against offshore.

But in the voting it turns out that confirmed (in this case) the decision of the Council for the adoption of a WS in the Olympic program in 2024 that is double offshore keel boat instead of a class “the Finn”. “Finn”, thus, after the Olympic games in Tokyo, finally goes on the Olympic stage.

But for the Olympic disciplines are added to the Mixed 2 Person Offshore event (mixed pair of offshore race), Kite-Foiler Mixed Event (combined race kites) and Two-Person Dinghy Mixed event (race mixed Dinghy-pair).

In the end, a set of sailing disciplines of the Olympic games in 2024 in Paris looks like this:

Men’s Board sailing – a specific type of projectile to be determined.

Women’s Board sailing – a specific type of projectile to be determined.

A new discipline: mixed kiteboards – a specific type of projectile is subject to prior choice.

A new discipline: combined twin keel yacht on the open sea – a specific type of projectile is subject to prior choice.

A new discipline: mixed double Dinghy – a specific type of projectile is subject to prior choice.

Men’s Dinghy single – Laser*

Women’s Dinghy single – Laser Radial*

Female quick Dinghy-deuce – 49erFX

Male quick Dinghy-two – 49er

Mixed mnogokolesny-deuce – Nacra 17

*Laser Radial will be the subject of comparative study with the competitors, which will appear: D-Zero, Melges 14, the RS Aero.

Preliminary practical tests equipment required for Kiteboard and twin keel boat.

As for the Mixed Two Person Dinghy (Dinghy mixed two-piece), the choice of this type of equipment should be based on the basis of the level of excellence [available] shells relative to the specified criteria of class without prior mandatory tests.

Of course, immediately followed by the statement of the International Association of class “Finn”:

“The international Finn class Association (IFA) is extremely disappointed after seeing the decision today at its Annual conference in Sarasota (USA), where everything was done to exclude any variants of participation of the “Finns” for the sake of choice mixed double keel of the boat.

Most of us very frustrating the number of finniston affected by this decision, especially young sailors who have had the bitter ambition to 2024.

We feel that a class the Finn has become “collateral damage” from search results “gender equality” and increase revenue World Sailing from participating in the Olympic games.

This is a great injustice that many of the best riders in the world of sailing will no longer be able to participate in the Olympic games, and we honestly believe that the Olympics will be the poorer for the lack of “Finn”.

We believe that the Finn class will continue to flourish and we currently focus on supporting our athletes as they prepare for Tokyo 2020. In the coming months IFA will work to find ways to “Finn” in the Olympic program”.

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