World Sailing announced a competition

As reported by reported by a member of the Board World Sailing Oleg Ilyin the website the international sailing Federation announced a competition for vacancy of the Olympic sailing Board for Windsurfing competitions among men and women.

Despite belated attempts by the famous firm “nail pride” to preserve the Olympic status for RS:X sailing this Board there are too many opponents. With the exception of three federations (including our own), which advocated the preservation of the RS:X Olympic program in 2024, the vast majority of the national federations and “dosochnaya” associations insist on the assessment of the competition.

To participate in the competition along with the RS:X invited “other Association class Windsurfing”: RS:One, Kona, Formula windsurfing, Speed windsurfing, Techno 293/293+, Funboard, Raceboard and Windsurfer, PWA (Professional Windsurfing Association).

The Commission, which will evaluate candidates will include: Vice-President of the World Sailing, the chairmen and members of leading committees of the equipment and sportprogramm, technicians Federation, the representative of the athletes ‘ Commission — only nine people.

Acceptance of applications closes on July 26. Later, August 16, will be announced short-list. Competitions, presentations, classes, boards and estimated the race will take place in sea conditions from 9 to 15 September, however, the specific location of the race has yet to be announced.

Their conclusions and proposals the Commission will be announced October 4, and the final decision will take Council the World Sailing at the annual conference on 2 November.

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