With victory, Rocknrolla!

July 6, 2019

      With victory, Rocknrolla!
      The Russian team consisting of Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk and Alexey Bushuev won today in Kuhlungsborn (Germany) the third stage of the new European series in the class “Dragon”. Congratulations from Yacht Russia!

With victory, Rocknrolla!

Everything was decided in the final – the sixth – race. Before that, the YRed team with skipper Peter Gilmore led the Japanese flag quite confidently (on the account of the Australian, we told about this once, 4 participations in the America's Cup and the same number of victories in the world championships in match racing). YRed had 7 points, while Rocknrolla had 13 points.

But in the last race, the Russian team finished second, while YRed – only the tenth. And this radically changed the situation. Samokhin & Co. finished the regatta first (15 points), while Peter Gilmore, Yasuhiro Oji and Sam Gilmore scored two points more.

Annapurna Anatoly Loginov, Vadim Statsenko and Alexandra Shalagina were content with fifth place in Kühlungsborn, although after the first day there was a confident second. This was largely due to a collision on the second race day, which caused the yacht to have a damaged mast.

It remains to add that the team Sunflower with skipper Viktor Fogelson took the 15th place, and Integrity of Mikhail Senatorov – the 20th.

The final results of the third stage of the European series –


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