With the win, Dennis!

Denis Taradin became the winner of the 2019 Formula Kite Asian Championships. The tournament was held in Beihai (China). Here’s another record that Dennis did on his page in Facebook:

On the fourth day was scheduled for 6 races to catch up with the schedule. In the morning was blowing a great breeze (6-8 knots), while the forecast was rain. First we drove 4 races in a row in each fleet. Then we were sent on break and after break we were given another two races. Overall, I drove not bad, there are a couple of joints, we can work, but how without them?! For this and attend the event in order to raise your level. At the end of the day, all very tired and the total number of races scored 16. I have 15 points advantage over the Italian Mario Calbucci. The next day scheduled command relay…

…Unfortunately, yesterday failed to hold the baton, as promised by the cyclone with the rain still came. So at 14:00 gave the cancellation of the race day and all the athletes went to a local Mall.

But today the forecast was not. The whole day was calm. In the end I took 1st place at the Asian championship. Tonight at 6 will be rewarding, and tomorrow I’m flying to Marseille for the world Cup final World Sailing.

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