With a victory, Polina!


      With a victory, Polina!
      For the first time, a 17-year-old athlete from Vladivostok won the title of world champion among girls in boer races, the press service of the Seven Feet Club reported.

With a victory, Polina!

The 17-year-old Vladivostok bored player Polina Artyukh completed the European Championship and the World Championship in the DN class among juniors with a gold medal.

On February 20, the European Championship and the World Championship in the DN class among juniors ended in Sweden. 16-year-old athlete from Vladivostok, engaged in the yacht club "Seven Feet", Polina Artyukh won both prestigious competitions and became the first among girls.

This is not the first victory of Polina in such significant competitions. In 2017, the young Vladivostok woman became the first among girls in the class of Ice Optimist.

Together with Polina, her fellow countryman Mark Lisovitsky participated in the races. Mark's achievements – 4th place in the European Championship and 5th – in the World Championship. Note, young boerists from Primorye are the only ones who represented Russia in Sweden. In total, 27 juniors from Poland, Sweden, Germany and other countries took part in the DN group.

Note that in 2019 the world championship in the DN class was also won by a boerist from Vladivostok, 23-year-old Anton Didenko. Russia had never before reached such heights in the world of ice boating.

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