With a victory, home!


      With a victory, home!
      According to the website https://rusyf.ru with reference to the press service of the Komatek Yacht Club, on May 19 the final of the Russian championship in match racing was held at the Verkh-Isetsky pond of Yekaterinburg.

With a victory, home!

The teams of Sergey Musikhin (Ekaterinburg) and Pavel Zimin (Saratov) met in the final. The waterfront owners won the meeting with a score of 2: 0.

The team of Maxim Taranov (Volgodonsk) succeeded in the small final for bronze.

In the framework of the championship of Russia, all the planned 80 races were held. The regatta allowed to honestly and accurately place the teams in places.

After the finals, another ten flights were held, in which participants who occupied the same places in different groups, had the opportunity to rise in the table of ranks.

The youngest participant of the championship, the fifteen-year-old skipper Platon Stupka, won three matches, but then lost to his father Alexey Stupka (7th place) and eventually finished tenth.

The 16 crews of the participants of the Russian championship in match racing in 2019 can be divided into two categories: experience and youth. Such a large number of youth crews were not in any regatta of the national championship in match racing. Youth comes, but wins while experience!

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