With a creak

April 17, 2019

      With a creak
      As we have already reported, the third stage of the 2019 World Cup in Olympic classes began in Genoa (Italy).

With a creak

True, it began with a creak. In accordance with the schedule on Monday, only yachts of classes 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 came to the start. The remaining 5 classes (in Genoa, windsurfers are not performing) were supposed to start the fight on Tuesday, but let the wind blow. Only 3 – 5 knots, so that one race was carried out in the "Laser", as well as in one of the three fleets 49erFX.

This is the situation for Russian yachtsmen so far:

470 (men). Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov are announced from Russia. The race did not start.

470 (women). Russian crews are not.

49er. (65 crews). 57. Conducted 2 races. … 57. Konstantin Nosov / Alexander Gaydayenko (parishes 28 – 27). … 60. Jan Cech / Ivan Zotov (parishes 31 – 26).

49erFX. (49 crews). 2 races were held. … 41. Zoya Novikova / Diana Sabirova (parishes 20 – 18).

Nacra 17. (40 crews). Conducted 1 race. …13. Maxim Semenov / Alina Schetinkina (7th ward). … 25. Sergey Dzhienbayev / Sofia Kiseleva (13th parish).

Laser. (109 participants). Conducted 1 race. … 3. Sergey Komissarov (2nd parish). … 7. Daniil Krutskikh (4th ward). … 53. Cyril Evfimievsky (27th parish).

Laser Radial. Russian women are not.

Finn. There are no Russians.

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