Winner – “the Master of the sails-ASIA”

In Kazan finished phase III of the National sailing League. His last battle was completed by the participants in the Highest division. Regatta project for the first time in history was conducted in the Republic of Tatarstan. Here is what the press service of the NPL.

Sunday’s weather wasn’t presented to the permanent working of the wind, so the race Committee managed to conduct only 8 races. As a result, for all three days was held on 29 starts, three teams managed to start 10 times, fourteen – 11, and four through 12. Scoring was carried out for 11 races. Teams that held fewer races were added to their average score, and the teams that spent more was deducted the result of the last completed race.

Despite unpredictable weather conditions, and thus the results of the race, the three leaders from Saturday to Sunday has not changed, but only mixed.

Finish 8 in one of the races proved fatal for the team Burevestnik Sailing Team (Maksim Titarenko, Mikhail Sheremet, Pavel Savenko, Alexander Prokofiev). These 8 points and led to the fact that at the end of the stage, the team took third place. However, this season is the first hit of the defending Champions of the League to the podium. Congratulations with the bronze medal!

The team of “Ahmad” (Alexander Bojko, Roman Konstantinov, Hasan Hajiyev, Alexander Andrianov) also recorded the eighth ward, however, the excellent results of Sunday day, plus a deduction of five points (it was the result of the team in the last race) allowed representatives of the Chechen Republic to win silver. This is the third podium of the team in the season 2019. Enviable stability!

Brilliant presentation of the Ekaterinburg group “Lord sails-ASIA” (Vyacheslav Ermolenko, Denis tiurikov, Yuri Popov, Leonid Tarasov) throughout the three days of racing brought him to the top step of the podium. On the final day of the regatta, the representative of the yacht club Tavatuy have scored two first and two third of the parish. Bravo!

In fourth place for the regatta in Kazan made up the Academy team sailing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg (Anna Basalkina, Artem Sudakov, Marina Taran, Vitaly Gallo, Maxim Berdnikov), the fifth – “Pirogovo” (Alexander ezhkov, Valentin Uvarkin, Paul Mshensky, Daniel Odintsov).

National sailing League goes on holiday just for a moment: in two weeks the teams of the top division will meet again at the IV stage in Nizhny Novgorod!

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