Why do you broker?

Today the market is full of offers independent rental anything — from cars to real estate. There are even services for yacht rental without intermediaries, however, the length of the boat is limited to 20 m. is it possible to Charter a superyacht? Let not through the app, but at least contact the owner?

No, you cannot. And this is not a conspiracy treacherous dealers yacht market. All commercial yachts registered in the world the International Association of brokers of the Mediterranean (MYBA), which, however, boats not only of the Mediterranean region. Today included about 1,600 Charter yachts from 20 to 100+ m, properly insured, with commercial registration and accredited by the crew on Board. Access to this database is restricted to brokers MYBA, but it’s not just that.

Charter yachts — the vacation customized and expensive. Imagine that the man booked himself a yacht independently. Who will sign the contract? How will the money? Such amounts will not be able to through an application such as Airbnb and you name is not clear where. When you work directly with a broker has the opportunity to consider all aspects from the picking of the yacht to the definition of the courts, where he will meet the parties in the unlikely event of irresolvable disputes.

What else guarantees a broker, in addition to safety? Access to the database of the “right” boat allows you to choose the perfect yacht, to negotiate with its Central agent (a company engaged in the management of the vessel) all possible discounts and reduce tax rates for the customer, because in addition to the rental fee (charter fee), there is VAT (VAT).

For Charter yachts from 24 metres taxation in each country individually. Somewhere the tax rate is common, somewhere condensed, somewhere the tax is imposed on only a few days Charter. Somewhere cheaper to start a Charter somewhere — to finish. For example, if you started in France, bet one, if finished here — the other. This complex mechanism is a good broker takes into account to optimize tax payments for the client.

Another difficult topic — APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) — a Deposit of 25-30% of the cost used to pay for food and drinks aboard, fuel and mooring in marinas and other expenses. At the end of the voyage the client is given a report and either returns the difference (if the Deposit has not been expended), or will be charged the missing amount.

In some countries, particularly in Italy, there is the tax on this Deposit. Say something to the crew buys in the supermarket, which already included the Italian tax and that a commercial boat can be purchased from the supplier without tax. For example, the current MYBA Charter contract to provide the supplier and the rights of commercial yachts to purchase for a client, say, six crates of champagne without taxes. And this — for a moment — minus 22%! At the end of the Charter to the tax authorities of Italy sent the report on the Deposit indicating what costs were already established sales tax, and which are not, and those billed for the unpaid amount of tax at the rate according to the route of the yacht. The good news is that in some countries the tax on this Deposit is absent. But are you ready to understand the issue yourself, or let all of this still will broker?

Even if some brave soul decides to take a yacht Charter and can do without a broker, yachts this format it rent not. The contract MYBA has four sides, and valid it with four signatures: the yacht owner’s Central agent (owner’s representative), client and broker (client’s representative). You can come directly to the Central agent, and then it will simultaneously represent the interests of the owner and the client. So, for example, is happening at Imperial Yachts, when we rent a yacht from our Charter fleet, which are in our control. That still makes yacht broker, organizing your Charter, the next time.

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