Who will win the tests?

International Federation sail – World Sailing – holds in these days of Valencia testing equipment for the Games in 2024 in Paris. It’s about class “a lone Dinghy (the Dinghy)” men and women.

In testing participate yachts caught in the shortlist for World Sailing. In addition to traditional Laser Standard and Laser Radial, it is also a D-Zero, Melges 14 and the RS Aero.

Candidates sailors involved in the testing have been proposed by several national federations who have shown interest. Nominees had to be over 18 years of age and to be the masters of high level. Men should weigh from 75 to 90 kg, women – 55 to 70 kg.

In the end, selected the following sailors. Men – Ash Brunning (Australia), Guillaume Boisar (France), Pavlos Kontides (Cyprus), Stepan Novotny (Czech Republic), Christian G. Rost (Denmark), Ben Chilelli (UK). Women – Anna Munch (Denmark), Sarah McGovern (UK), Fatima Reyes (Spain), Tanya Elias Calles (Mexico), Mafalda Pires de Lima (Portugal).

All these sailors every day, starting Monday, testing the boats and then share their impressions with members of the special evaluation Commission of the World Sailing. Later conclusions will be presented to the members of the Board of the international Federation, which will make the final verdict.

Testing should be completed tomorrow, March 15. Online in these days there were many pictures taken of Valencia. But there is absolutely no information about who prefer sailors.

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