Who will win the gold Cup?

Russian technological University MIREA, Expeditionary force MIREA team B-team has launched a sport-educational project for children “the Cup REEFS”

Last Monday started changing children’s training camps in sailing, in which participated the team of workers MOUTH MIREA. The training of future sailors is carried out under the guidance of experienced athletes of the team B-TEAM, each year the speakers at the competition sailing under the flag of a Russian University.

The venue of the gathering was the yacht club at the parish school, located on the picturesque Bank of the river Luga in the Church of St. Alexis the man of God (Leningrad region, Kingisepp district D. Minici). This place is for guys will be a big part of activities on the water.

The collection program is divided into several stages – it is based on theoretical and practical lessons on the water sailing, binding knots, work in sparring and safety on the water.

A separate unit sports program will be sessions on theoretical and physical training in climbing and the basics of tourism, which will be held on the basis of the Expeditionary force MOUTH MIREA D. Gakkova, Leningrad region, under the leadership of “Kingisepp Federation of climbing and Hiking” MOO “CFST”.

No less fascinating and important part of the program will be the initiation of boys into the ranks yunarmeytsev. The ceremony of the pronouncing of vows will take place around the campfire, at the end the children will be awarded the insignia – badges in the form of the red eagle and berets “Uname”.

The outcome of the change June 26, the final regatta of the four athletes who will be able to apply the acquired skills on the job and to compete with each other for the main prize – the title of winner of the race and the gold Cup of the “Country of the reef”.

Daria Shatov

To learn more about how the training of young yachtsmen to instagram Expeditionary force MOUTH MIREA https://www.instagram.com/expeditionary_corps_mirea/?hl=ru

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