Who Is Who Dahab – from winter to summer

From 17 to 25 February in the Egyptian Dahab will be training and racing Who Is Who Dahab. The competition will be held in classes: Laser standard, Laser 4.7 and Optimist.

10 Laser dinghies and Optimists belonging to Dahab Sailing Center, and an excellent sailing infrastructure of the station “5 squares”, located in the picturesque Lagoon, makes Dahab the perfect place for winter training camps and races.

A new format for the regatta includes three days of training and racing during the final two days. Last year for seven days held 25 races in the Laser standard class, 19 in class races Laser 4.7 and 16 races in the class “Optimist”.

Another feature Who is Who Dahab – a large number of families coming to train and race with children. While the younger generation learns the “Optimists” under the constant supervision of a coach boat and on the shore, the parents are after the “Lasers” or Windsurfing.

Dahab – the “Golden” city on the Sinai Peninsula – as was the perfect place for sailing, and left. Stable thermal wind, warm even in the winter sea, sun all year round. And all this against the background of hospitality berbero-Arab population and a depreciating pound.

Apply and get more information, please visit: http://wiwrace.ru/wiw/dahabfeb or by telephone +79161927400 Andrew Poltanov

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