Who are you, Irisha?

Superyacht Irisha, which the Heesen shipyard handed over to the owner for this season, built on the well proven technical platform 5000 Aluminum why can be perceived as one of many. However to think so would be a mistake, and here’s why. Although the shipyard has already built seven 50-metre class boats Satori (the so-called first yacht of this project), shared with Irisha only 15%, and the rest — largely modified and custom solutions. But before I talk about them, a few words about how this boat appeared.


Family customer Irisha already owned the Heesen boat: it belonged to the 44 metre My Petra, which was originally built for the couple Hisen. At some point the yacht had a refit, using the services of designers Ben Harrison and Pedera Eidsgaard, and kept her mostly in Sardinia. During this time the owners have developed a model of using the boat, and therefore the requirements for their future ship. They prefer to spend time on Board during the day, and to spend the night on the shore, and thus tend to prolong the sailing season. Of course, this affected the characteristics and layout Irisha.

Garden on Board

The main feature of the vessel — the so-called winter garden. This is a kind of buffer zone on the main deck between the saloon and the cockpit, where you can comfortably spend time outdoors, for example in October, when the Mediterranean sea is not hot, but not cold. For protection from wind in winter garden uses a replaceable glazing, which forced the engineers to break down. A week before receiving the finished yacht, the owners have decided that you still want to surrender its Charter, and shipyards urgently had to come up with a replacement for the glazing to meet the requirements of commercial vessels. According to the rules of the glazed transition zone is included in the total capacity of the vessel, which in this case is beyond the scope of 500 reg. t that critical for a yacht Charter. The problem was solved very elegantly by replacing the glass panels of stretch screens, permeable to air, which also to some extent protect a winter garden from the wind.

  • The flybridge of the yacht is divided into three conceptual areas

  • In the summer the winter garden is open for a light breeze, and when it gets colder, removable glazing insulates this area from the wind

“And where to put the glass?” — ask the attentive reader. Before the Charter it is necessary to remove and store on the shore. Uncomfortable? For someone, Yes, but the owners Irisha this does not cause problems, as the yacht is still used only during the day. In addition, the Bank kept the additional section of the dining table, which makes a common meal you can invite 22 people. Too inconvenient? And you try to find a new chartered 50-foot yacht with the same number of seats! I am sure it is not very much, and for the sake of such a possibility is not shameful once again to look to the home harbour.

Another good feature of the cockpit Irisha is that the sunbathing area in the stern is noticeably raised above the deck. This is convenient when some guests luxuriate on the sunbeds, while others sit in the Conservatory, all can communicate with each other, while views on the same level. In addition, this solution provides the extra space under the deck, where the garage and the “beach club” with sauna, shower, massage table and other pleasures of the Spa.

Design outside, design inside

Pleased with how was refit to their former yacht, the owners decided to bring the Harrison Studio Eidsgaard Design for Irisha, including designing interiors for a lot of personal time. Upon entering the lobby, guests find themselves in front of a very impressive Central staircase from among those that is rarely seen on yachts of this length. At the sight of a curved reinforced glass, floating in the air of handrails and artistic details of plaster in style of the Venetian stucco from the British DKT Artworks pay tribute to those whose imagination drew such a graceful design, on which day besides falling the natural light from the hatches at the top.

Almost all surfaces in the interior of the yacht have its specific texture, and that significantly quickens the interior, done in neutral gray-beige colors. To gaze not missed, the designers used various tricks like point sources of light with rotating reflectors, which emphasize the contrasts and chiaroscuro. This includes carpets of a copyrighted work, including wool and silk from Tai Ping; custom base table lamps, made in an original technique of painting from a synthetic resin, and other delicate stuff. TV panel in the cabin prudently concealed under an ornamental screen, outlandish mirror in her day clothes like a flattened balloon from a plastic “foil”, although in fact it is metal…

Can continue indefinitely, and we have not looked in the master cabin! There, in the headboard, with a Royal coverlet of Fox, is a mural by the Dutch artist Claude Jongstra who is called the Queen of felt, and behind the wall, onyx and marble bathrooms, majestically rests incredible bathtub in lacquered wenge… love to take a bath? On the contrary — massage-therapy shower complex with the ability to perform aromatherapy.

Guest cabins on the lower deck feature a bit easier, but two of them can be easily combined in a luxury apartment: it is enough to move interior the screen and “roll” bed that moves on rails along with headboards. Heesen uses such decisions on many of its yachts and transformation cabins copes stewardess.

If the weather still not allows you to relax in the winter garden, on Board, Irisha are a great alternative to a cozy cabin on the upper deck. Its highlight is a very unusual sofa lounger on the port side near the window, where, most likely, will enjoy spending time on the transitions of women, while the men lost with the captain in the wheelhouse. No less interesting is the local bar of the Dutch Bar in the Wood. It is made from pieces of wood that are carefully sanded, plated gold paint, and then filled with epoxy. The front complement the distinctive chairs from the Danish workshop Glyn Peter Machin, and entertainment meets stereo speaker California Audio Technology (system integrator during the construction was the company VBH).

Viewing a yacht in Monte Carlo, I heard that even the employees themselves Heesen think it is running cabin one of the most beautiful yachts of the fleet shipyard. Ben Harrison considers it as the main element of the exterior design Irisha and compares it with the cockpit of the F16 fighter. Curved windshield the large panels that were available in the market at the time of construction, and the dashboard lights by night if her tears of the podium, visually placing them in a space without support. Now you understand why, in addition to the standard sofa for passengers, the owner asked me to install next to the high captain’s “throne” the same Way, directly from the wheelhouse is possible to get not only the “small” room, but to go to the sandek, which is a significant advantage-plan type RPH.

Myself and others

The desire of customers Irisha to build a boat for day, with emphasis on the ability to accept a large number of guests and as long as possible to use it in season really makes this boat very attractive to the Charter. Last summer, in between the frequent visits of the owners she was once in the freight and may reappear on the market. According to Louise Beckerman from the company SuperYachtsMonaco, not every 50-meter yacht will satisfy people who want, for example, to celebrate the birthday in a circle of great family and friends, while remaining within the framework of a certain budget, and a winter garden attracts tired of the standard cockpits empty of people.

  • Even the employees themselves Heesen think it is running cabin one of the most beautiful yachts of the fleet shipyard

Going to exhibitions for the next boat, every time I try to answer the questions: how is it different from others like her to remember that interesting to tell about her readers? Unfortunately, sometimes the Notepad is only the name of the shipyard and the name of the ship… on the other hand, such an expressive yacht Irisha, remembered themselves. Why? Because the owners are like sculptors “sculpt” them, guided by personal taste, intuition and dream, and not trying to please everyone, hoping that “average” looks will make the boat much in demand.

Length 51.00 m Width 9,00 m Draught 2.50 m
Displacement 318 tons (50% load) fuel capacity 55 000 l
The supply of water 16 200 l Engines 2 x MTU 16V 4000 M93L (4677 HP)
Maximum speed 26 knots cruising range of 3000+ miles (11 knots)
Stabilizers Naiad Dynamics 720 Passengers 10 persons Crew 9 people
Design Harrison Of Eidsgaard Design

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