Whether you are a good tactician? Play?

The creators of the SailRacer App, app for tactics, I propose to play the interactive game. See if you are a good tactician. If you can anticipate the best moment to tack and to win the race?

The interactive race is created in the real world. Data on the direction and force of the wind is obtained directly from the weather station at the Marina NannyCay on the island Carlota in the Caribbean. There will be no wind – there will be no games.

The race involves only two boats: the red your black – computer, which selects the next move based on the instructions of the application SailRacer.

Both boats going upwind, the only way to change tack is a tack*, which “picks up” 10% of your speed. Follow the wind, draw the right conclusions in time to make decisions and let the victory be yours!

*Tack – one of the two available ways of changing tack, i.e., the angle of movement of the vessel relative to the wind. “Starboard tack” means the wind is blowing the ship to starboard, “port tack” the wind is blowing in the left side. “Change tack” means to turn the ship so that the wind blowing on the starboard side, after the turn was blowing to the left. When you tack the tack is exclusively against the wind, so during the maneuver, the boat loses speed.

SailRacer – for tacticians, designed to become a reliable assistant for making complex decisions during the regatta. The app is designed in such a way that at any point in time to provide accurate data on the strength and direction of the wind, follow the course and deviations, the current speed of the vessel and any other information that may be necessary.

SailRacer is installed on a mobile phone or tablet easily configurable. The accuracy depends on the capacity of the GPS receiver on the corresponding device. Ship information, the history of its movement, as well as any information entered or received by the application is stored on the server and can be retrieved afterwards.

Official site SailRacer App: www.sailracer.net

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