Where can we find such a billionaire?

March 21, 2019

      Where can we find such a billionaire?
      The richest British businessman, Jim Ratcliffe, had never before invested in sports. But recently, everything has changed. It began … with a sail!

Jim Ratcliffe and Ben Ainsley.

A year ago, Ratcliffe, whose personal fortune, according to The Sunday Times, is 21.05 billion pounds (nearly $ 28 billion), met the most titled yachtsman in Britain, four-time Olympic champion Ben Ainslie – and this meeting, as it turned out, was a landmark.

Until then, the head of the giant chemical concern INEOS (which he himself founded) was far from a big sport and never invested money in it, considering it a waste of money. At the same time, he himself still loves to run, and before, when he was younger, he was riding a motorcycle, and he also loved extreme travel. Once with two sons I reached the South Pole!

But to invest in big-time sports, we repeat, the billionaire considered it absolutely useless. The big mystery – how Ainsley persuaded him. But…

A sensation broke out: the 66-year-old Ratcliffe decided to allocate an incredible amount to the creation, preparation and participation of the British team (called Ineos Team UK) in the 36th America's Cup. 110 million pounds! That is 145.5 million dollars!

The America's Cup is largely a story about money. So Ineos Team UK is definitely one of the main contenders for winning the America's Cup. Moreover, Ratcliffe recently stated that if the team does not have enough of these funds, he will give more …

Moreover, appetite, as the saying goes, comes with eating. It has just become aware of the purchase by Ratcliff of the British bicycle "stables» Team Sky. The amount of the deal was not disclosed, but it is clear that the billionaire paid for the famous cycling team, which is supported by the best British race champions, to the previous owner, the 21st Century Fox company, a tidy sum. Since May, the team will perform under a new name – Team Ineos.

But this, imagine, not all. Ratcliffe clearly entered the taste. All louder rumors that the richest man in Britain is in talks with Roman Abramovich about buying Chelsea!

Here is a story. It all began, as you now know, from the sail. And the sequel, apparently, follows.

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