What kind of strange noises?

Completed the third day of the transatlantic race Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe from Saint-Malo (France) to Guadeloupe (3542 nautical miles).

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The storm, fairly battered fleet race, in the last hours began to gradually subside, but, nevertheless, the number of those who have been forced for various reasons to go the distance, even more increased and has exceeded 50. We will remind that on Sunday the start in Saint-Malo took 123 of the vessel.

To those renowned sailors who had to end the fight Tuesday night added Sam Davis (that’s her you see in the pictures) is one of the most famous and experienced transoceanic riders in the world. Problems arose unexpectedly: Davis confused strange scriptase – scraping (and, more importantly, it is becoming stronger) sounds from somewhere below. The situation analysis conducted with the coast team racers, forced to conclude that damaged the bottom of the yacht’s Initiatives-Cœur (division IMOCA 60). To continue participation in the race was dangerous…

With regard to the very serious incident on the last day – with 100-ft trimaran Banque Populaire IX, which turned in 340 miles North-East of the Azores (we already reported), the main – skipper armel Le Cle is healthy and safe. About midnight he was taken aboard a passing fishing boat bound for Spain.

That’s what it is now (14.30 Moscow time) the position of the leaders of the Route du Rhum.

Division Ultime. François Gabaret (MACIF) – to the finish line 2272 nautical miles. Coming in second place Francois Joyon (IDEC SPORT) behind 49 miles;

Multi 50. Thibaut Voxel Camus (SOLIDAIRES EN PELOTON ARSEP) –to the finish line 2821 miles;

Imoca 60. Alex Thomson (HUGO BOSS) – 2667;

Class 40. Yoann Risom (VEEDOL – AIC) – 2865.

RhumMulti. Pierre Antoine (OLMIX) – 2901.

RhumMono. Sydney Kavine (JOYEUX CAFE) – 2911.

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