What happened to OEX?


      What happened to OEX?
      In the picture is the OEX yacht of the project Santa Cruz 70. A beautiful and deserved boat. Last Saturday, she left Los Angeles and headed for Honolulu.

What happened to OEX?

89 more yachts went there, whose owners decided to take part in the famous, already the 50th in a row, Transpacific Race. Or, for short, Transpac. The distance is 2225 nautical miles.

Owner and skipper OEX – John Zangmeister – the man in the world of sail is famous. Once drove along with Dennis Conner, held the Amerika Cup over his head. He won in Transpac – however, on a trimaran called Tritium. And now – at OEX – I dreamed of becoming a winner in my division.

Will not. And here we come to the main thing in this article. Because OEX is no more. Sank.

On Monday, less than two days after the start, the boat began to be flooded with water through the helmport. What is the reason and what happened to the baller, the crew didn’t figure it out. More precisely – did not have time to figure it out. The yacht was sinking, and it was necessary to urgently evacuate.

Fortunately, another Transpac member was nearby – Roy Disney's Pyewacket yacht (who, imagine, is Walt Disney's great-nephew). All nine OEX crew members were taken aboard: there were no injuries. Already good.

P.S. Pyewacket has just returned to Los Angeles.

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