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Mallorca is coming to the end Open championship in Windsurfing class RS:X. Today will be held final competitions.

The most important for us: Stephanie eluting the 9-th place among European rivals, 87 points (with two emissions), on the basis of 11 races, parishes (10) – 5 – 7 – 5 – 9 – 24 – 17 – 12 – 1 – (30) – 7. However, in absolute standings Stefania, half a year did not participate in the competition, the 12th.

The result of Eluting the more a matter of respect, Mallorca is now all color world of Windsurfing. Here, for example, who is now among the top three in the overall classification. In the first position UNSW Chinese girl Liu, who last year won bronze at the world Championships complex in Aarhus. The second is French Charlene Picon, Olympic champion at the 2016 Games in Rio, århus received in silver. And finally, on the third – Lilian de Geus from the Netherlands, the current world champion. Wow!

I want to believe that by September, when in Torbole starts the world championship in the RS:X Stefania gain the best form, and then… all The more so here, in Mallorca, in one of the final races, it was the first. A good sign!

Two other representatives of Russia – Anna Maria Korikova and Lemenkov – 36/49 and 44/67 respectively.

Men also in front of the most famous racers. The leader before the medal race, the Dutchman Kiran, Badloe – a year ago, took silver in Aarhus. On the second place his teammate Dorian van Rysselberge, the Victor of Rio 2016 and the current world champion.

As for our guys, they have, say, everything modestly. In the Gold fleet, if you remember, were only Alexander Askerov: Among Europeans, it is on the 41st place in the overall standings – 50. Others competing in the Silver fleet, made up championship: Yevgeniy Ayvazyan – 45/55, Vladislav Burmistenko – 49/59, Maxim Tokarev – 57/71, Ilya Kirichuk – 70/90.

And about the boys. Artem Akimov finished the regatta on 36/38 place, Anton Tokarev – 51/54 (both in the Gold fleet), while Mikhail Alexandrov – 58/62 (in Silver).

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